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Emojis are a key part of how young people communicate.

Why I use emoji in teaching

They provide access to a living language that helps young people communicate in ways not easily achieved with words.

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It's my turn to be a parent helper, help!

Volunteering to chaperone a school trip is not for the faint-hearted. You'll be responsible not only for the welfare of your own child, but the lives of others.

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The P&F executive at St Columba's Leichhardt are all dads. From left, Anthony Rose, Gus Seebeck, Tim Nelson and Mark Peterie.

Meet the dads doing the heavy lifting. And they are not alone

It started with a simple offer to use their business contacts to help kickstart some fundraising for their kids' school fete. But for a group of dads, planning the fair quickly became a much bigger proposition.

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Children need to learn skills such as "digital empathy" to reduce bullying.

Don't teach your kids coding, teach them how to live online

"Don't teach your kids coding," says New York Times journalist Thomas Friedman. "Well - teach it if you want. But before you teach them coding, teach them digital civics: how to talk to one another on the internet, how to understand fact from fiction on the internet."

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