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The idea that girls are being forced into chub-rub garments that they can’t easily run in seems to ignore the ...

Why the school dress 'debate' is nonsense

For Australians growing up on a diet of American film and TV, seeing their parade of chic and shocking school outfits can only ever bristle. Here, uniform is king; over yonder it’s been a rarity since the 1960s.

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Wedding surprise

Four times teachers and students won our hearts in 2016

There are some pretty admirable teachers and students out there, but we tend to hear more about the bad things that go on, rather than the good things. In honour of all those people who teach and learn, here are some of the best stories we've brought you in 2016, that shows the spirit alive in our schools.

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Coco Schwaighofer, Dominic Despot, and Anton Perumal at coding camp during their holidays at the International Grammar ...

Forget the tents: there's a new kind of camp in town

This summer holidays, instead of the more traditional cricket or tennis camps, thousands of kids as young as 6 or 7 will be holed up in front of computers at privately-run coding and robot camps. 

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