Book Depository names 30 funniest kids' books

The power of books has far-reaching effects; not only are they expanding their minds, but with carefully-chosen hilarious texts they are also indulging in the greatest gift of all, laughter.

We couldn't look past the fabulous list of funny kids' books by the Book Depository. These hilarious tomes will elicit the deepest of belly laughs and make instant book fans for life. 

Funny books are truly the best way to engage reluctant readers. Stories of naughty children, silly adults and various involuntary bodily noises will have them in fits of side-splitting laughter.

Even if they aren't at the reading age of some of these titles, read a few of them aloud when you put them to bed at night, then encourage them to pick them up independently a bit later on.

Making fond childhood memories are what books are all about, so take a leaf out of these funny books for kids, as recommended by the Book Depository.

Click through the gallery of suggested books - there's a link to buy under each image.

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