Boy, 5, shares shoelace tying tutorial and it's must see back-to-school viewing

Five-year-old Colton shares his shoelace tying hack in a viral tutorial.
Five-year-old Colton shares his shoelace tying hack in a viral tutorial. Photo: Facebook/Love What Matters

If you have a little one starting school this year and they haven't quite mastered the tricky art of tying their own shoelaces, then let us introduce you to five-year-old Colton. 

Colton's mum, Ashley Lillard, shared a video of her son demonstrating a shoelace-tying hack, to the Love What Matters Facebook page. It's since been viewed one million times - and parents can't get enough.

Having successfully demonstrated the genius - and very effective - shoelace tying method, the very sweet little boy then credits his friend, River, for teaching it to him.
Too cute!
And, just in case you thought the video couldn't get any cuter, when mum thanks a proud Colton for his tutorial, her little boy answers, "You're welcome."

Judging from the response to the video, River and Colton aren't the only kids benefiting from the easy-to-master technique.
"Awesome!" one mum wrote. "We did it!! My five yr old struggled so much and we have watched YouTube videos with no success.. watched this and did it right away!! He is so proud of himself!!"
"What?! Where was this trick when I was raising my kids?" another mum added. "Thanks for the tip buddy. I will pass this onto my Grandsons."
But never fear - if Colton's method doesn't work for your little one, take a look at Canadian mum, Kirsten's Johnson's, viral tutorial from last year, instead.