Get organised for back to school - backpacks

Your child's school backpack is one of the most used school accessories of all. Every school bag really gets a good work out and should be of good enough quality to last quite a few years of growth.

If your child is in the early years of primary school, it's tempting to go for cute designs and indeed these are probably the last few years that cute will be acceptable to your child.

If he or she is in middle primary, however, go for something more mature that will see them to high school, or you might be forking out again.

Backpacks for 5 year olds and 18 year olds - it's back to school 2016!
Backpacks for 5 year olds and 18 year olds - it's back to school 2016! Photo: Supplied

If you're on the hunt for the right backpack for your child, make sure you firstly consult our article about choosing a backpack which will protect his or her back.

Back health and posture is of prime importance at any age or stage, and it's critical in the primary and high school years when they will be carrying a backpack for more than 2500 days.

Take a look at our gallery of great backpacks for school and see in the new school year thoroughly organised.

Here is a basic back to school checklist to take shopping - mark off the number of items you will need and tick off when you have each item. (Each school and each stage has slightly different requirements, so check with your class teacher or your school's website) There is room at the bottom to add your own additional items as required by your child's school.

Back to school checklist

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