Mum orders teacher to give her daughter's school supplies back: 'She's a little possessive'

Back to school can be an exciting yet confusing time
Back to school can be an exciting yet confusing time Photo: iStock via Getty Images

If there's one lesson kids will learn when they start school (if they haven't already), it is the need to share.

However one mum does not believe that lesson should extend to school supplies she bought for her daughter and has let the teacher know that in no uncertain terms.

The mother, whose six-year-old is the first of her children to go to school, bought her daughter colour coordinated notebooks and folders, which she then labelled, despite the note from her daughter's school telling her not to. She says her daughter was excited to have nice school supplies like her mum, who goes to college.

However, on the first day, she received an email from the teacher reminding parents to leave the supplies unlabelled as the children share them throughout the year.

Her daughter was upset at sharing her carefully selected school supplies, so mum emailed the teacher back, saying she didn't mind buying extra supplies for any child that didn't have any, but she wanted her daughter's things to be returned to her.

The teacher replied and said that the supplies were already in use, and that "it was important for kids to learn about sharing through their school supplies, and it was important for my daughter because it looks like she has issues sharing."

"She's a little possessive of her stuff, sure, but she's six and it's her first year of school and I'm just not seeing the point of this," said the mum.

"I'm petty, I don't like being told how to parent.

"My daughter's frustrated, it sounds like the teacher's frustrated, I'm frustrated, and I just want to repurchase the notebook she liked and be done with this. Maybe that makes me a bad mum, but I'm picking my battles."


Fellow Redditors had divided opinions about whether this was a battle worth fighting, or whether the mother should accept shared supplies is just part of school life. 

"Yes, it sucks for the daughter to not have the supplies that they picked out, and change is hard and scary. But being a hard ass on an overworked teacher for this school supply procedure is not helpful or useful in any way," acknowledged on commenter.

Another explained that this is done so that less privileged students don't feel left out.

"(One) reason for the standardisation is to avoid making those kids whose parents can't afford school supplies feel like crap because they get the s----y supplies while those whose parents are able to afford them get good ones. It's really depressing how many kids (there are) whose parents either don't or can't prioritise school."

"I get your daughter's disappointed, but it's the reality of the school system."