Mum writes beautiful poem on the eve of her child starting school

Starting school is a momentous occasion for both child and parent.
Starting school is a momentous occasion for both child and parent. Photo: Getty Images

It's a feeling parents of school-aged children know all too well. The night before, the morning of, or even just before pick up on the very first day; we don't know when the intense feelings are going to hit, but it's a given that they will. Our babies are off to school; the next big phase of life.

Starting school is a momentous occasion for both child and parent and the person behind Facebook's Expressions of a Busy Mum, has put into words what so many people are feeling this week as they see their children off to school for the first time. It begins with an acknowledgement of the huge life change that's about to take place.

"Tonight I tucked my little kinder girl into bed for the very last time... Tomorrow she's a big School Girl.

Tonight I took that extra moment to look into her eyes and to actually SEE my little girl, to burn that memory into my brain for all eternity.

Tonight I pulled the covers up on pure innocence, as tomorrow I gather her up, kiss her on the cheek and usher her into the unknown, like a mother duck with her duckling at the edge of water."

If you've already got tears, you're not alone. You might want to grab the tissue box now, to have it closeby. The poem continues, with all the heartache of every parent who wonders if they were present enough for their child.

"Tonight I see the sheer excitement on her little face, in anticipation of the huge adventure that is this wonderful and magical place called School.... tomorrow I fear I will wake and she is off to High School.

Tonight I cry for all the moments I surely missed. The moments I was too busy doing countless things we as parents must do on a daily basis, the many things that right now, in this moment just do not matter.

Tonight I mourn the many days with her that I have had stolen from me, the types of days where work takes you out of town, or illness keeps you from having them in your arms."

The poem then turn to hope and gentle wishes for the life of her little daughter, along with gratitude and reflection. These age-old sentiments have been echoed by parents of every era.


"Tonight I hope for her future, I hope for kindness, happiness, compassion, truth, honesty and love. Tonight I feel helpless that tomorrow is out of my control and all the tomorrow's that follow.

Tonight I weep for the families who would love to have my 'tonight", and would long for their tomorrows with their angel babies."

It finishes with all the best attributes of this much-loved little girl, and excitement for what's to come, along with the wistfulness that can come with being a parent.

"Tonight I have one incredibly strong, independent, funny, smart little Princess that tomorrow, and all the tomorrow's are so incredibly blessed to have coming their way.

Tonight I am thankful. Tonight I am so overwhelmingly loving my baby girl that tomorrow already hurts.

Tonight.... tonight I am just a Mummy. Tomorrow I will face with a smile and gratitude for the opportunities at her feet.

Tonight I reminisce, tomorrow I cherish...

I love you Baby Girl..."

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