'School is bloody hard': Modern Mumma Mel Watts shares tearful video

"School is bloody hard," says blogger Mel Watts.
"School is bloody hard," says blogger Mel Watts. Photo: Instagram

Like many parents around the country last week, Modern Mumma Mel Watts watched on proudly as her little girl Ivie started school, clad in her brand new uniform.

But on Monday, Watts shared a raw, tearful video to Instagram about the "daunting, emotional rollercoaster" of having a child at "big school". And if you've been through the experience with your own kids, it will tear at your heart.

"I think we've finally reached that stage of Kindy, now that she doesn't want to go," Watts says, adding that it's so hard, as the parent, telling her five-year-old that she has to. 

"And it's only day two of the week".

In the clip, a visibly distressed Watts explains that Ivie wanted to stay home "because she misses me". "I said to her 'no it's fine, go to school, it will be fine. You'll have fun and I'll pick you up this afternoon," Watts says. "And then she held onto me as I was walking away and she was crying."

Worried she was going to burst into tears too, Watts told her daughter she had to leave. "So I walked away and left her which made me more upset because I knew that I left her crying.  And now I look like an idiot.

"So it's not always cotton-candy and butterflies and excitement because sometimes I do get upset," Watts says.

And that's exactly why the popular blogger filmed herself in the raw moment - she wants other parents to know that it's okay to get upset, too. "I get upset when my kids get upset, especially when it's something I'm making them do," she says. "I was pretty good, I didn't cry too much at school. I waited until I got to the car first."


In a caption posted with the video, the mum shared that she had organised for her mother-in-law to help with school drop-offs to alleviate some of the stress. "I feel as though [Ivie] will feed off my energy and if I'm already anxious I'll just make it worse," Watts says, adding that she knows how controlling her anxiety can become. 

"I'm going to break the cycle," she continues. "Otherwise I'll go tomorrow and my brain will start telling me that I need to feel anxious because I've already put that thought into my mind. 

"School is bloody hard."

Watts' video has since been shared almost 50,000 times as of Wednesday and has garnered hundreds of supportive comments.

"We have the same thing happening with my five-year-old boy!" one mum said. "It's so heartbreaking! A big cry is the best thing!"

" Oh my gosh! I so feel for you ...Thank you for being vulnerable and shedding light on some parenting truths," commented another.

Other mums offered their own strategies for managing their kids' transition to school.

"Draw a heart on her hand," one mama said. "Draw one on your hand and let her know that when she's missing you she can rub the heart and you will think about her. Big hugs. It's tough putting them into the world."

"My daughter did that for two weeks," another mum added. "Mornings were so hard. She received the book In My Heart and we started reading it every morning before school and it helped tremendously!! Highly recommend getting it!"

For Watts, the rollercoaster only continued the following day with a happy Ivie declaring she was "super excited about going to school."

"We bought her a signet ring before she started and I told her if she rubbed it, it'd send me butterfly kisses and I'd return them whenever she feels like she needs some mama love," she wrote, adding the hashtag #whateverworksright?​

Ain't that the truth.