Teach your kids to tie their shoelaces


Tying your laces is something most us don’t think twice about, but for little fingers fastening their shoes can take a little time to master.

Opting for a velcro shoe might be easier, but it's only a matter of time before your kids will want to do it themselves. 

Surprisingly, there's a lot of ways to a tie a shoelace, but keep it simple and start with either the standard shoelace knot or the two loop shoelace knot.

The standard shoelace knot

Also known as the "around the tree" or the "bow knot", the standard shoelace knot is difficult for kids to master but is the most common.

Begin with a starting knot and follow these instructions.

  • Take hold of one side and make a little bow.
  • Take the other lace in your hand and swing it around the bow and pull it through the “hole” that was made in the middle.
  • Pull it nice and tight.

Watch this Sesame Street video on how to tie shoelaces, "It's easy as pie, all you gotta do is try."


Two loop shoelace knot

Also known as the "bunny ears" method, this knot is a great place to start when your children are learning to tie their shoelaces.

Begin with a starting knot and follow these instructions.

  • Make a loop with both ends, creating what looks like two bunny ears.
  • Then simply tie a knot with them.

Watch a video here on how to tie the two loop knot.

Some tips to think about while teaching your kids to tie their shoelaces.

  • Ensure shoelaces are thick, this helps keep the starting knot in place.
  • Use a double starting knot.
  • Buy training shoelaces which are half one colour and half another, making it easier to keep track of the laces. 
  • Knot the ends of the laces to stop them being pulled through at the end when tightening.
  • Untie your child's shoelaces every night to ensure they get to practice tying their shoes on a daily basis.
  • For left-handed children, sit in front of them and have them mirror your movements.
  • Start big, using a skipping rope have kids practice tying a knot around their legs. 
  • Above all, be patient, it is going to take some practice before your child will be able to tie their own shoelaces.