Starting School



When awful school drop-offs can't be fixed

"It’s always been this way for me. From the early nursery days when I left an angry bundle of limbs with the carers, drop-offs have been a nightmare. My boy is an emotional kid and wears his angst on his sleeve."

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What to do if your child hates school

“I don’t want to go to school!” It’s a common cry from children in households all over Australia at one time or another but it is the last thing you want to hear from your little one as they head off to school for the first time.

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Is your child starting school solo this year?

5 strategies to cope when starting school solo

It's estimated 300,000 children will experience their first day of "big school" this year, however the reality for some is that they will be starting school solo, without the security of a familiar face. My son is one.

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Why solo playground time is not always a bad thing ...

Why I am glad my child plays alone

When you learn your child has spent their lunch time at school alone in the playground your heart sinks. But Patrica Tan discovered it is not always bad news.

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Tips to ensure sending the kids back to school won't break the bank.

Keeping back to school costs under control

Coming off the back of Christmas and the summer holidays, the costs of getting the kids back to school can be the financial equivalent of the last straw. Here is how to cut the costs.

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