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Lunchbox muffins

Looking for lunchbox ideas? Here is our collection of tasty muffins that can be prepared ahead, frozen and ready to pop into the lunchbox each day. There is a flavour here that is sure to suit every kid.

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Lunchbox savory snacks and slices

I need some savory ideas for the kids lunchbox. Here we have pulled together a list of recipes on Essential Kids that might make a great savory snack or lunch. Also a great idea for the after school snack if you are wishing to steer away from the sweet stuff.

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What to do when you don't approve of your child's friend.

When your child's friends are bad news

The age-old saying goes ‘You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family’. But when you are a child, does that rule still apply? Or is it the case that your family have the right to choose your friends?

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Starting school when you have autism

As kindergarten students of 2013 complete their first school year, a new crop of children are getting ready for their turn at this pivotal milestone.

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Search for at-risk children starts in kindergarten

Hundreds of thousands of children will be assessed when they start kindergarten to find out if they are at risk of falling behind and need extra help under the federal government's education reforms.

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Is your child school ready?

Is your child ready for school?

With schools already taking enrolments for 2014, some parents face the pivotal decision of whether to enrol, or hold their child back, from school.

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