Starting School


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Preschooler's lunchbox treat prompts scathing note home

A South Australian mum of eight got a rude shock last week when she received a note home about a piece of home made chocolate slice she sent in her preschooler's lunchbox, opening up a lively discussion about healthy lunchboxes and communication between schools and parents.

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Starting school is a momentous occasion for both child and parent.

Mum writes beautiful poem on the eve of her child starting school

It's a feeling parents of school-aged children know all too well. The night before, the morning of, or even just before pick up on the very first day; we don't know when the intense feelings are going to hit, but it's a given that they will. Our babies are off to school; the next big phase of life.

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Please don't pick these flowers. Warnings. instagram @dredreak "Well, OK then."

Honest letters from kids

When children learn how to write, it unlocks a whole new world of self-expression. Whether it's happiness, gratitude, sadness or anger – the little notes they pen can certainly tug on our heartstrings, give us the guilts, and make us laugh.

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