Starting School


Are your kids’ shoes holding them back?

In praise of sensible footwear

If your child is reluctant to play, skip or climb, maybe check out their footwear to see whether this is holding them back.

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Kitchen science for kids

The kitchen isn't just for breakfast preparation, making packed lunches and getting dinner on. There's a world of science discovery that can happen with food in your kitchen with the kids.

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Funny books

Book Depository names 30 funniest kids' books

What kid doesn't love a good belly laugh? The Book Depository made a list of 30 of the most side-splittingly funny books and we're sharing them with you.

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School community: you get out what you put in.

Don't be intimidated by school mums

When my first child started school, I'll admit I was intimidated. The intimidation was not vicarious; I was not worried about him. I was intimidated for me.

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