Starting School


School community: you get out what you put in.

Don't be intimidated by school mums

When my first child started school, I'll admit I was intimidated. The intimidation was not vicarious; I was not worried about him. I was intimidated for me.

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The number of children taught at home in NSW is ballooning. Perhaps that's partly because of overcrowding in public schools.

Welcome to the rest of your life

"Welcome to the rest of your life," I might have said on that first day, just a fortnight ago, we dumped her on a kindergarten teacher and ran for the door.

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Lunchtime designs

Lunchtime designs

Make your kids lunchtime extra special this year with these funky lunch boxes and accessories from Lunch Boxes With Love.

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Don't let them play before getting ready.

Four rookie mistakes of being a school parent

When your child starts school, it's a big change to adapt to - for them and for us as parents. This adaptation can take time for us all, and there are four mistakes I can see I made as a new school parent: 

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