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20 things to love about the 'Star Wars' universe

Christopher Borrelli Here are what I consider to be the 20 best things about Star Wars, culture-wide.

Harry Potter fans can have Christmas dinner at Hogwarts

The Great Hall in the Harry Potter movies will be resurrected for one night only this Christmas.

Where are they now: the cast of 'Full House'

Livia Gamble It's been 20 years since Full House ended, find out what the cast has been up to since.

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Nine books to help bully-proof your kids

Livia Gamble Read these books with your child to help them cope with bullying.

Looking for parents in children's literature

Fran Wilde I'd been looking to my childhood favourites and hoping to find myself there, only to realise that in many, the parents were missing, or long dead.

30 best children's books from the last 30 years

Some of the best children's books were written in the last 30 years, and still remain popular today. Here are a few of the best ones, with many ...

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Stop telling me to put my smartphone down

Heidi Stevens Everything I do on my phone while I'm walking or waiting is another thing I don't have to do when I'm with my kids.

Reddit Photoshop battle: Internet goes crazy over photo of unhappy girl holding an owl

Livia Gamble When a photo of a seemingly unhappy girl was posted on Reddit a hilarious Photoshop battle ensued.

Parents are confused about cyberbullying

Livia Gamble Parents are concerned about cyberbullying but they are conflicted about what it actually is and how it should be dealt with.

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Michelle Williams gets news sites to remove unauthorised photos of Matilda

Livia Gamble Matilda Ledger may look like her late father, Heath Ledger, but don't think that gives you permission to publish photos of her without mum Michelle ...

David Beckham 'heartbroken' as son reveals pressure makes him reluctant to be a footballer

James Rothwell David Beckham has spoken of his anguish after discovering one of his sons is uncertain about following in his footsteps because they feel under too much ...

Jessica Biel launching sex ed web series

AAP The actress is launching an online series to help women better understand their bodies and sexual health.

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An attack of the musical kind

Letitia Rowlands Melbourne-based children's band Taa-Daa!! will be rocking the crowds at Sydney's annual Dress Up Attack festival next weekend.


Matilda the Musical: Roald Dahl, Tim Minchin take grown-ups back to childhood

John Shand Stunning child performers supplied the finest moments in a show that has burp jokes for kids and will rolls back the years for the grown ups.

Australian Legoland Discovery Centre to open at Chadstone mall

Carolyn Cummins Melbourne's Chadtsone shopping centre is set to be the home for Australia's first big Lego attraction.