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March: Family friendly movie reviews

Rob Lowing We review the films your kids and teens will be begging you to see this month and let you in on all the family-friendly details you need to know in ...

'Adventure Time' movie given the green light from Warner Bros.

Livia Gamble Warner Bros. have announced they are making a feature-length, animated 'Adventure Time' movie.

‘Frozen Fever’ trailer is here

Katie Carlin Just when you thought you couldn’t wait any longer, Disney has unveiled their first Frozen Fever trailer.

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Princess Leia gets her own 'Star Wars' comic

Brian Truitt Before Carrie Fisher reprises her iconic role opposite Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Leia is set to star in her own solo ...

Be open to the impossible: Alice in Wonderland turns 150

Rebecca Ciezarek To calculate the contribution Carroll's story has made to English literature and popular culture would be a mammoth undertaking, as Wonderland grew roots ...

What Pet Should I Get

Dr Seuss returns with newly discovered book 'What Pet Should I Get?'

Maria Puente Dr Seuss long ago passed from the scene but old manuscripts by the beloved children's author keep turning up.


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The Nintendo glitch that can wipe your child's data

Kerri Sackville I was sitting next to my son when it happened. He was playing a Pokemon game on his Nintendo 3DS when he turned white, his mouth dropped open, and a look ...

The website selling your child's photos

Livia Gamble One website is going above and beyond to teach parents, who are perhaps a little less internet savvy, a painful lesson in privacy.

Six organisational apps for parents

Karen Andrews The school and work year has resumed – and probably doesn't feel like it stopped all that long ago! If you want to start off 2015 by keeping on top ...

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Ryan Phillippe opens up about about his daughter's depression

Livia Gamble 4:05pm Ryan Phillippe has opened up about his battle with depression saying it was a huge "obstacle" for him while growing up, one his daughter is also facing.

Beckham brood sit front row at Victoria's New York fashion show

When Victoria Beckham sent her latest collection down the New York Fashion Week catwalk yesterday, she had her five biggest fans in the crowd to cheer ...


Emma Thompson to homeschool daughter

Actress Emma Thompson has withdrawn her teenage daughter from school and built her a classroom in the garden.

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The summer holidays are over – but we shouldn’t stop playing

Cathy Hope The summer holidays are well and truly over. The magic of Christmas is back in its box. Sales of champagne have plunged. The customary dribble back to ...

10 cutest Vine videos of kids

Here's ten of our favourite Vine videos that are sure to make you smile.

How family-friendly is Wet’n’Wild?

Linda Moon In my four hours at the park I witnessed several undesirable incidents that shattered my view of Wet‘n’Wild as a family-friendly experience.

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