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Monopoly board game to be made into a movie

You may not be able to pass go, but at least hope for free parking if the board game Monopoly makes it to the big screen.

Disney princesses' eyes are literally bigger than their stomach

Livia Gamble In news that surprises no one; Disney princesses' have slim waists. What might surprise you is how small they actually are.

Five tips for your kid's first trip to the movies

Sierra Filucci Here are some tips for making the first venture to the movie theater a success.

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Brazilian book lovers donate thousands of books to fulfill a little girl's dream of opening a library

Livia Gamble An Instagram photo of a little girl's letter to her aunt has inspired thousands of book donations to make her dream of starting a library a reality.

A seven-year-old girl has won $16,000 for her inspiring comic book

Livia Gamble Natalie McGriff was bullied at school because of her hair and had trouble reading but her mum came up with the perfect solution.

'The Princess Who Saved Herself': a children’s book that redefines how we view princesses

Livia Gamble Princesses don’t need saving. That’s the great message a new children’s book is spreading.

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Little girl gets hilariously frustrated in confusing chat with Siri

Clare Sibthorpe This is what happens when Siri tries to answer a child's pressing questions.

Officer gives 9-year-old girl selling lemonade an iPad

Livia Gamble After earning only a few dollars selling lemonade, it was clear nine-year-old Gabrielle from Ohio would have to work very hard before she could afford ...

Kids spend far less time playing cards than their parents did

Clare Sibthorpe Are your children too busy staring at computer and tablet screens to learn how to play traditional card games?

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck confirm decision to divorce

Michael Idato Actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have announced they are separating.

Kate Winslet loves her mum body, says muffin top was 'hard won'

Donna Freydkin Kate Winslet rolls up her black shirt and points to her belly, which has that muffin top familiar to most mums.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard slam editors for mum shaming celebs

Acting couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are calling on fans and fellow parents to bombard editors of a US tabloid with complaints after ranking the ...

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Kids who spend more time in nature become happier adults, Planet Ark reports

Loren Smith Simply looking at nature activates the brain's dopamine reward system, triggering feelings of wellness.


Are our school playgrounds being wrapped in cotton wool?

Brendon Hyndman New research has found that fears of playground accidents such as falls has led to considerable changes in school playgrounds, reflecting a climate of ...

Why being locked in a room with your children has never been so much fun

Letitia Rowlands Fancy being locked in a room with your children these school holidays? I admit, it is an idea which doesn't sound overly appealing at first.