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JK Rowling's perfect response to fan who 'can't see' Dumbledore as gay

Tom Decent JK Rowling has offered an excellent response to a Harry Potter fan who "can't see" Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore being gay. 

This plot hole will change the way you view 'The Little Mermaid'

Livia Gamble Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid' could have saved herself a lot of trouble if she had done this one thing.

John Green's 'Paper Towns' is now a movie starring Cara Delevingne

Livia Gamble The trailer for John Green's coming-of-age story Paper Towns has been released.

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6 ways to raise a joyful reader

Sharon Holbrook Parents can do a lot to cultivate a lifelong love of books in their children.

Princess Leia gets her own 'Star Wars' comic

Brian Truitt Before Carrie Fisher reprises her iconic role opposite Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Leia is set to star in her own solo ...

Be open to the impossible: Alice in Wonderland turns 150

Rebecca Ciezarek To calculate the contribution Carroll's story has made to English literature and popular culture would be a mammoth undertaking, as Wonderland grew roots ...

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5 creative apps for kids

Karen Andrews 4:08pm If want your kids to skip the junky game apps and interact with some quality ones these school holidays here are five that are worth downloading for ...

12-year-old girl accused of trying to poison her mother after confiscating her phone

Livia Gamble Police said a girl tried to kill her mother on two separate occasions as revenge for taking away her iPhone.

Are you guilty of 'oversharenting'?

Robin Erb Three of four U.S. parents say they know of at least one mum or dad guilty of oversharenting.

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Famous people's children can be just as bad as mine

Kerri Sackville As a mother of three kids, two of whom spent many an hour flinging themselves around for no good reason, I delight in knowing that I am not alone.

Watch Robert Downey jnr as 'Tony Stark' give a 7-year-old boy a bionic arm

Livia Gamble Iron Man actor Robert Downey jnr and engineer Albert Manero came up with the perfect plan to give Alex Pring, who loves superheroes, an Iron Man-style ...

Michelle Williams thanks Kristen Bell for changing Matilda's life

Michelle Williams sends Frozen star Kristen Bell a note once a month to thank her for taking a stand against magazine editors who publish photos of stars ...

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The summer holidays are over – but we shouldn’t stop playing

Cathy Hope The summer holidays are well and truly over. The magic of Christmas is back in its box. Sales of champagne have plunged. The customary dribble back to ...

10 cutest Vine videos of kids

Here's ten of our favourite Vine videos that are sure to make you smile.

How family-friendly is Wet’n’Wild?

Linda Moon In my four hours at the park I witnessed several undesirable incidents that shattered my view of Wet‘n’Wild as a family-friendly experience.

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