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Watch the first teaser trailer for 'Pan'

Livia Gamble The first trailer for Joe Wright’s 'Pan' has been released.

DreamWorks release second 'Home' trailer

Livia Gamble DreamWorks have released the second full-length trailer for their latest release Home.

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The best children's books of 2014

Lorna Bradbury 5:34pm Lorna Bradbury selects seductive treasures from lavish picture books to novels for all ages.

Children's book publisher rebranding books as gender-neutral

Livia Gamble Children’s book publisher Ladybird has announced they will make all of their books gender neutral after a parent-led campaign urged them to do so.

Kirsten Bell's Text Me Merry Christmas: A new Christmas classic?

Rachel Clun Ever wondered what those Christmas classics might have sounded like if Bing Crosby and Bobby Helms were around today? Well wonder no more.

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Underage girl who befriended 200 men on internet 'could fill a prison on her own', says judge

A 13-year-old girl from Fife in Scotland is at the centre of a paedophile probe after contacting around 200 men online and exchanging indecent images

10 smartphone rules for my 12-year-old

Michelle Quinn My son knows he's getting a used iPhone for his 12th birthday. He's also getting a contract from his parents with rules, conditions and consequences - ...

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'Sexting' now banned in Victoria

So-called "sexting" without consent is now an offence in Victoria.


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Nicole Kidman: 'We work really hard' to keep marriage alive

After her split with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman thought she'd never fall in love again but she couldn't have been more wrong.

Cate Blanchett admits being intimidated by other mums

Cate Blanchettt’s international star status doesn’t mean that she isn’t sensitive to other mother’s criticisms when it comes to raising her three ...

Cruise marriage doesn't define me: Holmes

Actress Katie Holmes says she doesn't want her marriage to Tom Cruise to define her.

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Why I won't be buying my daughter a 'Frozen' costume

Millicent Bainbridge Is your urge to supply things ‘ready-made’ spoiling your daughter’s imagination?

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Two toddlers injured after a jumping castle became airborne

Livia Gamble A two-year-old boy was critically injured while a three-year-old boy suffered minor injuries after an inflatable house was lifted into the air in the U.S.


11-year-old blind girl, 'I want to be the first visually-impaired gymnast'

Livia Gamble Apart from using some audio cues, 11-year-old Adrianna is the same as any other child on the gymnastic floor.