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Why screen time before bed is bad for children

Sarah Loughran 11:15am The total amount of sleep that children and adolescents are getting is continuing to decrease. Why?

Students with laptops did better in HSC science

Students with laptops did better in HSC science

Simon Crook, Manjula Sharma & Rachel Wilson How the laptops were used determined the size of the benefit.

Children editing 'selfies' in pursuit of online approval


Livia Gamble Is your child one of the 41 per cent of children aged eight to 13 who feel pressure to look good online?

Three social media apps that stir up drama in schools

Drama in class ... the apps schools hate.

Caroline Knorr Where there's social networking, there's sure to be drama.

I'm on the Ashley Madison database, and it's changed what I share about my kids


Jennifer Jeanne Patterson This data leak isn't about exposing cheaters, it's about the digital trail we've all created.

Five things your kids wish you knew about technology

Five things: time to put yourself in your kids' shoes.

Martine Oglethorpe There are many things we need to teach our kids about technology, however there are a few things kids want us to know too.

Why you need to have the social media 'talk' earlier than you might think


Galit Breen We need to directly teach our children the most vital lessons, rather than assume that they'll be understood.

Prankster lures teens online for scary lesson in the dangers of social media


Livia Gamble We all know the possible dangers associated with social media. Despite what you teach yours kids, would they do what these teens did?

Campaign to give children right to remove personal online information

iRights: The solution to protecting children's future from online mistakes?

Jo Hartley Posts and online activities of the young often reflect attitudes and errors of judgment that are immature. Yet, these leave a public record that may prove difficult to escape.


Parents and teens who are saying no to devices

No gadgets: (Clockwise from front left) Lily Fryar, Izzy De Laine, Rachael Tindall, and Jacqui McGuirk, play twister at Ravenswood  School For Girls in Sydney.

Julie Power An over-reliance on screens is turning teens into zombies, eroding literacy and robbing them of memorable moments in the real world, say critics.


Texas teen saved from drowning thanks to selfie stick

Selfie stick helped saved teens life.

Livia Gamble A Texas teen owes her life to her selfie stick.

Twitter goes into nostalgic meltdown with #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow

Livia Gamble Using the #todayskidswillneverknow hundreds of people have a taken a viral trip down memory lane.

Which apps are educational and why? It’s in the eye of the beholder


Nicola Yelland Toys and apps for kids are a multi-million-dollar industry, and being able to label something as "educational" is a major selling point. However, "educational" is often in the eye of the beholder and the potential of any app, or toy, relates to what you can creatively do with them with children.

Little girl gets hilariously frustrated in confusing chat with Siri

Questions for Siri.

Clare Sibthorpe This is what happens when Siri tries to answer a child's pressing questions.

Officer gives 9-year-old girl selling lemonade an iPad

Officer Ropos surprises girl with an iPad.

Livia Gamble After earning only a few dollars selling lemonade, it was clear nine-year-old Gabrielle from Ohio would have to work very hard before she could afford the iPad she was saving for.

Kids spend far less time playing cards than their parents did

Card games a dying skill.

Clare Sibthorpe Are your children too busy staring at computer and tablet screens to learn how to play traditional card games?

18-year-old shot dead after tracking lost phone with app


Livia Gamble Jeremy Cook was shot multiple times on Sunday when he confronted three men in a car about his phone.

Five technology tips for home

Screen time: How to set a good example.

As technology gets more powerful and more portable, it is becoming increasingly embedded in everyday life. Wearable technology allows us to track our habits, and motivate change.

The new 'talk' parents should have with their kids: data education

Data sharing plans help ease unexpected phone bills for parents.

Livia Gamble Selecting the right amount of data for your family can be difficult but there are ways to ensure you don't get hit with an unexpected bill at the end of the month.

Creating good boundaries around technology use

Technology limits: Set boundaries not punishments.

Meghan Leahy Parents all over the world are waging battles, both small and large, against the ever-encroaching technology in our children's lives.

Screen time for kids: Ditch the techno guilt

Screen time: how to ditch the guilt.

Martine Oglethorpe Before we torment ourselves, lets take a look at how we can gain a little perspective, some factual understanding and learn to ditch the techno guilt.

Time spent on Facebook: the stats are in and they're not good

Screen time: The typical Facebook user spends 8.5 hours a week on the site.

Users average a full working day per week.


Melbourne mum apologises after wrongfully accusing father of three on Facebook

Father of three wrongfully accused of photographing children.

Livia Gamble A mother posted a photo on Facebook of a man she labelled a 'creep' and accused of photographing her children. It was shared 20,000 times before she realised her error.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss is encouraging girls to try computer coding

Karlie Kloss believes that her profile might entice girls who otherwise never saw themselves as computer programmers.

Jen Vuk Putting her supermodel powers of influence to good use, Karlie Kloss is trying to entice more girls into the computer coding industry.

Growing up in the age of apps doesn’t have to be all bad


Janine M. Cooper Children love interactive devices and can’t recall a time without them, so it may be best to manage rather than ban them.

Spying on your kid’s phone with Teensafe will only undermine trust

Privacy invasion: how will they feel if they find their parents are monitoring their every online movement?

Tonya Rooney Police and cyber safety experts have cautioned parents against using this type of monitoring due to the potential impact on trust in the parent/child relationship.

How to set boundaries on screen time

Screen addict: weaning kids off electronics takes patience and persistence.

Meghan Leahy We have a 12-year-old boy who is addicted to electronics (iPad, phone, TV). How do we wean him off of them? Is it too late?

Girls gain confidence with IT when boys aren’t around

Study: All-girl IT classes increased their confidence.

Julie Fisher, Catherine Lang, Helen Forgasz After running an all-girls IT class in mostly co-ed schools for four years, researchers made some interesting discoveries.

Kylie Jenner responds after teens post bruised pictures on social media with #kyliejennerchallenge


Livia Gamble Kylie Jenner takes no responsibility for the #kyliejennerchallenge.

Concern TeenSafe app spying on kids

Privacy invasion: There is concern that parents could monitor their children with out the children's knowledge.

Collette Devlin Parents are saying no to spying on their kids after a monitoring app was launched.

Why I allowed a screen time binge

Too many hours in front of the screen has robbed my son of his desire to play.

Julia Cahill I let my kids have a school holiday screen time blowout and the results were more than I ever expected.

Wealthier kids prefer Instagram over Facebook finds study

Rich Kids of Instagram: Exhausted after a credit card workout

Hannah Francis Wealthier teenagers are more likely to use Instagram and Snapchat compared to their less well-off peers, research shows.


Video of ghost whispering child is a serious invasion of privacy

Privacy invasion: Jaime Sullivan's daughter Charlie will forever be known as the ghost whispering child.

Kerri Sackville Have you seen the video of the ghost whispering child? Nearly 9.5 million people have. But here is why no-one should have seen it.

If your teen has had a meltdown over Snapchat changes this is why


Livia Gamble Knowing who your best friend is on Snapchat was something users revelled in.

Teen fakes her own kidnapping via text messages to her mum

Taken: Girl fakes her own kidnapping.

Livia Gamble A UK teen obviously wasn’t thinking when she pranked her mum into believing she had been kidnapped.


Pac-Man takes over Google Maps this April Fools' Day

Augmented reality gaming platform Ingress adds another level of crazy to Google Maps' April Fools' Day PAC-MAN stunt.

Hannah Francis The classic arcade game comes to city streets around the world.


Teachers threaten to call police over kids playing Call of Duty at home

Adult computer games: Teachers take action.

Livia Gamble A teachers' group in the UK have said they will call the police if parents allow children to play 18+ computer games.

5 creative apps for kids

School holiday screen time: Apps you won't mind your kids using.

Karen Andrews If want your kids to skip the junky game apps and interact with some quality ones these school holidays here are five that are worth downloading for creative kids.

12-year-old girl accused of trying to poison her mother after confiscating her phone

Revenge: Girl tries to poison her mother for taking away her phone.

Livia Gamble Police said a girl tried to kill her mother on two separate occasions as revenge for taking away her iPhone.

Are you guilty of 'oversharenting'?

Oversharenting: Sharing online information that's embarrassing or inappropriate.

Robin Erb Three of four U.S. parents say they know of at least one mum or dad guilty of oversharenting.


Kids smartphone usage rampant, says study

More than two thirds of children aged three to 17 own a smartphone, a study commissioned by Telstra says.

Australian children are spending, on average, almost an entire day of the week on their smartphones.

My iPhone addiction was making me a terrible mum

Phone detox: Freeing myself of my small, backlit master.

Meredith Hale I wasn't desperate for coffee, or counting the minutes until bedtime so I could pour myself a glass of Merlot. I was addicted to my iPhone.

Parents need to be aware of online terror threat

The young Australian 'Jake' alongside two other IS members. Photo: Twitter

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says parents need to be aware of that ISIS recruit youth via the social media and the internet.

The Nintendo glitch that can wipe your child's data

Nintendo glitch: Nine years wiped in an instant.

Kerri Sackville I was sitting next to my son when it happened. He was playing a Pokemon game on his Nintendo 3DS when he turned white, his mouth dropped open, and a look of sheer devastation crossed his face.

The website selling your child's photos

Koppie Koppie: Dutch website teaching parents a lesson.

Livia Gamble One website is going above and beyond to teach parents, who are perhaps a little less internet savvy, a painful lesson in privacy.

Six organisational apps for parents

Karen Andrews The school and work year has resumed – and probably doesn't feel like it stopped all that long ago! If you want to start off 2015 by keeping on top of daily chores more efficiently or keeping important information just a click away, then these apps will help. I know because they help me. Let's take a closer look.

YouTube kid-safe app cuts out salacious, violent and crude material

The YouTube for Kids app uses an algorithm to pick out which videos are appropriate for children and which aren't.

Michael Liedtke YouTube wants to help parents control what their kids are watching on the internet.

Letting your kids play in the social media sandbox


Nick Bilton When you break it down, there are essentially three social media doors that you can unlock for a child. The hard part is knowing at what age you unlock each door.

New Facebook policy allows social media immortality

Legacy account: Would you want someone to manage your Facebook page after your death?

Donna Leinwand Leger Death may take your body, but it doesn't have to extinguish your online persona.


Sex texts mistakenly sent to six-year-old

Dayna Alldridge and her son Tyler, six, whose phone has been receiving texts from random numbers requesting sexual favours.

Isobel Ewing A six-year-old New Zealand boy with a new mobile phone has been receiving text messages intended for a prostitute.

Too much screen time illegal in Taiwan

Screen time: What's your limit?

Gabe McGrath Parents in Taiwan can be fined up to $2000 if their children spend too much time in front of the screen, but how would Aussie parents fare under such laws?


Monopoly boards with real money made in France

High stakes: real money is hidden inside Monopoly boardgames throughout France.

The French Monopoly makers have created a handful of special boards which contain real money.

What parents need to know about Instagram


Mary Ward Here's what you need to know to keep your kids safe when they're using Instagram.

When daggy dads become fashion bloggers

The daddy (fashion) bloggers taking Instagram by storm, one flannelette robe at  a time.

Mary Ward Fashion Dads is the Instagram account you need to follow - more for laughs than fashion advice.

Why our family went television-free


Alison Bradshaw Could your family go television-free? Here, one mum tells you why she was the most unlikely to take on such a challenge, but now that she has, she's never looked back.

Monash University launches new educational app

Reading educational content allows children to unlock items for their own personal island.

Shaza Barbar Monash University has launched an educational app for children aged 8 to 12 designed to better engage students in their learning and improve literacy skills.

Underage girl who befriended 200 men on internet 'could fill a prison on her own', says judge


A 13-year-old girl from Fife in Scotland is at the centre of a paedophile probe after contacting around 200 men online and exchanging indecent images

10 smartphone rules for my 12-year-old

Smart parenting: Give a contract with a smartphone.

Michelle Quinn My son knows he's getting a used iPhone for his 12th birthday. He's also getting a contract from his parents with rules, conditions and consequences - here's why.

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'Sexting' now banned in Victoria

Why social media laws will fail ...

So-called "sexting" without consent is now an offence in Victoria.


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