Parenting and Children's Books

Brazilian book lovers donate thousands of books to fulfill a little girl's dream of opening a library

Livia Gamble An Instagram photo of a little girl's letter to her aunt has inspired thousands of book donations to make her dream of starting a library a reality.

A seven-year-old girl has won $16,000 for her inspiring comic book


Livia Gamble Natalie McGriff was bullied at school because of her hair and had trouble reading but her mum came up with the perfect solution.

'The Princess Who Saved Herself': a children’s book that redefines how we view princesses

'The Princess Who Saved Herself': A children's books that change the role of the princess.

Livia Gamble Princesses don’t need saving. That’s the great message a new children’s book is spreading.

6 ways to raise a joyful reader

Avid readers: Start reading young.

Sharon Holbrook Parents can do a lot to cultivate a lifelong love of books in their children.

Princess Leia gets her own 'Star Wars' comic

Cover for the comic book: Star Wars: Princess Leia No.1

Brian Truitt Before Carrie Fisher reprises her iconic role opposite Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Leia is set to star in her own solo comic book.

Be open to the impossible: Alice in Wonderland turns 150

Disney's 1951 animated adaption of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

Rebecca Ciezarek To calculate the contribution Carroll's story has made to English literature and popular culture would be a mammoth undertaking, as Wonderland grew roots which moved the story into unexpected places.

What Pet Should I Get

Dr Seuss returns with newly discovered book 'What Pet Should I Get?'

Dr. Seuss.

Maria Puente Dr Seuss long ago passed from the scene but old manuscripts by the beloved children's author keep turning up.


How to be a 'New Old-fashioned Parent'

Parenting: How to balance the benefits of the old with the new.

Liat Hughes Joshi The nature of childhood has changed remarkably over just a generation and Liat Hughes Joshi set out to discover which parts we need to reinstate.

Harper Lee to publish To Kill a Mockingbird 'sequel'

Harper Lee receiving the US Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2007.

Michael Idato More than five decades after To Kill A Mockingbird was published, the iconic novel is to get a sequel.

Why this new parenting book isn’t just for parents of teens

Teen years ahead: are you really ready?

Elana Benjamin As the mother of a ten and a six-year-old, it seems premature for me to read a book about parenting teenagers but here is why I'm glad I did.

Roald Dahl's warning letter to student rediscovered 35 years later

Dahl letter

Livia Gamble When aspiring writer Jay Williams penned a letter to Roald Dahl asking for feedback his response, according to Williams, was "priceless".

JK Rowling wraps up Draco Malfoy's story for fans

Draco Malfoy was an 'archetypal bully' says JK Rowling.

Saimi Jeong Fansite Pottermore has published new insights about the bad boy that fangirls adore, straight from the pen of J.K. Rowling in her latest installment of 12 Days of Christmas.


Funny kid's quotes

Dad illustrates every funny thing his kid says

Bruckner's favourite quote from his daughter.

Rachel Clun One American dad decided to turn all the weird things his three-year-old says into a blog, called 'Spaghetti Toes'.

12-year-old author's book the answer for fussy eaters?

I don't like Cheese

Cathy Jubb We know how challenging meal times can be when there’s a fussy eater sharing the table. But a new book encouraging kids to explore different tastes might just hold the key and here’s the kicker; the book’s author is just finishing primary school.

A book of words and drawings to help kids start big school

A new book is making the first day of school less daunting.

A new book created by children for children is helping others cope with their first day of school.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling releases new wizard stories

Off to see the wizard ... JK Rowling will release 12 new Harry Potter-based stories in the lead-up to Christmas.

British author JK Rowling will release 12 new Harry Potter-based stories in the lead-up to Christmas.

The best children's books of 2014

Books for all ages.

Lorna Bradbury Lorna Bradbury selects seductive treasures from lavish picture books to novels for all ages.

Children's book publisher rebranding books as gender-neutral


Livia Gamble Children’s book publisher Ladybird has announced they will make all of their books gender neutral after a parent-led campaign urged them to do so.

Kirsten Bell's Text Me Merry Christmas: A new Christmas classic?

kristen bell

Rachel Clun Ever wondered what those Christmas classics might have sounded like if Bing Crosby and Bobby Helms were around today? Well wonder no more.

Should publishers do more to red-flag explicit content on their back covers?

J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter cross-over series.

Linda Morris The lines between adult and teenager reading matter have blurred.


5 lessons from classic children's books I want my son to learn

Books offer kids countless lessons.

Arianne Beeston One of the best things about being a parent is sharing my love of words and stories with my son and the special, fictional characters that shaped my childhood.


Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree to hit the screen in latest bid to aim fantasy at grown-ups


Dimitra Fimi Children’s fantasy has become a lucrative global industry, and duly producers are plumbing all kinds of magical authors. Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree is only the latest children’s classic destined for the silver screen, with a live action film currently in production.


A book with no pictures is a hit with kids

Title page from <i>The Book With No Pictures</i>, by B.J. Novak.

Rachel Clun An author who has never written a children's book before has written a kid's book with no pictures - and it's a best seller.

Dolores Umbridge book

New 'Harry Potter' book released on Dolores Umbridge

Harry Potter's nemesis Dolores Umbridge will get her own say in a new short story by JK Rowling.

A new Potter story set to be released on the Pottermore website on October 31.


Books for kids become a healing tool

<i>The Fault in Our Stars</i> has connected with teens.

Linda Morris Fictional books can help children cope with their problems and face their fears.

Harry Potter has a new literary rival

Illustration of Poppy Pym.

Rachel Clun A competition in England has unearthed what could be the next Harry Potter, after a PHD candidate won for her children's story about a circus girl turned detective.

ABC's James O'Loghlin wins Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Award

Radio host and author James O'Loghlin.

Rachel Clun James O'Loghlin has won the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Award for 2014, for his debut children's novel 'The Adventures of Sir Roderick the Not-Very Brave'.

Thor's female identity remains a mystery

Comic cover image of the all-new Thor.

Josh Dickey Thor is becoming a woman this week, and the comic book horde hath questions.


Andy Griffiths, what really makes kids' laugh


Livia Gamble "Kids’ have a vast appetite for the mayhem and the dark side of life," says Andy Griffiths, who at 53 knows exactly what kids' find funny.


'Mothers Grimm', a collection of stories about mothers of the imperfect kind

Riffing on fairy tales: Danielle Wood and her dog Scout.

Linda Morris Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? Author Danielle Wood transforms the dark woods into a childcare centre in her stories about the heartache of motherhood.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's missing chapter revealed

Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dahl book cover

A chapter of children's classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was cut from the final version has been published for the first time.

Aldi pulls classic Roald Dahl book from its shelves after customer complaint

Dahl Revolting Rhymes

Saffron Howden Roald Dahl’s iconic children’s book, Revolting Rhymes, has been removed from the Aldi supermarket chain’s shelves after customer complaints over the use of the word “slut”.

J.K. Rowling publishes story about enchanting 'Harry Potter' character


Neha Prakash Seven years after the release of the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series, we're meeting a magical character barely mentioned in the wizarding world thus far - Celestina Warbeck.


20 terrific kids books you didn't grow up with


Gabe McGrath The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Green Eggs and Ham, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Magic Faraway Tree are just a tiny sample of classic kids' books. But what about more recent books for children?

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Winners of the 2014 Children's Book Council of Australia awards

Never eat the last olive at a party: from Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan.

Angie Schiavone The Children's Book Council of Australia awards feature a crowd-pleasing mix of new and established authors.

'Creepy' new Roald Dahl cover sexualising girls?

Willy Wonka - Gene Wilder.

Anita Singh Publisher has been slammed for their cover redesign of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with readers claiming the new look is sexualising girls in an attempt to appeal to an adult audience.


JK Rowling's Dumbledore writes to teen massacre survivor

Michael Gambon as Professor Albus Dumbledore in the <i>Harry Potter</i> films.

Rose Powell A grieving teenage orphan received a letter she will never forget from a world-famous author.



The picture book promoting guns to children

Guns are fun: The Strong family love to show off their weapons.

Nick Galvin A new "wholesome" picture book by two Michigan-based authors aims to show children the benefits of having parents who openly carry handguns.


Should books be replaced with digital versions?

What is lost when you have no pages to turn.

Alison Bradshaw What would our children really be losing if we replaced all books with digital versions in schools and the library became a thing of the past?

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John Green on the experience that enabled him to write 'The Fault In Our Stars'

John Green

Celia Walden John Green's bestseller - a teen romance between cancer sufferers - is credited with launching 'sick lit'. Here he talks about why that label frustrates him and his genuine surprise at the book's success.


Why reading the classics with your children matters

Nova Weetman Children are spoilt for choice when it comes to contemporary books but there is something special to be gained from reading that can only be found in the classics.

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How this young adult fiction book helped me bond with my teens

The power of a good book.

Sarah Wayland A good book has the capacity to draw you in and keep you close long after the last words are read but Sarah Wayland discovered it can also bring you closer to your teenager.

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Teenagers stop reading for pleasure as they age

Why do teens read less for pleasure as they age?

Livia Gamble Once children reach their teenage years the amount of time they spend reading for pleasure decreases sharply, study finds. Is technology to blame?


Captain Underpants' toilet humour encourages reluctant readers

(L TO R) Max Atkinson 9, Will Atkinson 7 and Tommy Atkinson 5 reading 'Captain Underpants' novels at their home in Waverton. 24th April, 2014. Photo: Kate Geraghty

Amy McNeilage The Tales of Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants books include wicked wedgies, talking toilets, snotty noses and a scantily clad superhero, an unsavoury recipe that has seduced millions of young boys into reading.


Movie trilogy for Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts

Harry Potter with a hippogriff called Buckbeak.

Three Harry Potter spin-off movies based on the magical beasts from the books are being penned by JK Rowling.

8 Parenting books that are worth reading

Books every parent should read ...

The Daily Muse There are plenty of brilliant, articulate parents out there who have penned books that will shape your conception of parenthood for the better. Here are eight of them.


Why Flowers in the Attic still haunts us

FLowers in the attic

Tammy Oler Reading Flowers in the Attic was a rite of passage for teenage girls. The novel recognised a deep and abiding fear that has shaped the women of a generation: the fear of turning becoming our mothers.

Books we read as kids make us who we are today


Diana Elliott Take advice from Australia's richest woman and buy a child a book for Christmas.


Get the kids reading this summer

How to get kids reading this summer.

June Factor The popular author and academic, June Factor, guides parents in encouraging their kids to read.


The great cookbook roadtest

Cookbooks review for Christmas.

From novices to kitchen know-it-alls, there's a cookbook for every Christmas stocking this year.


World's most inspirational female role models in one book


Eliza Sarlos Eliza Sarlos wanted her son to grow up respecting and admiring the capabilities of women, spurred on by a lack of resources she created Amazing Babes, a must-read book for children full of some of the world’s most inspirational female role models.


McDonald's publishes children's books as part of Happy Meal giveaways

Happy Meals in the US will come with books published by McDonald's.

Nick Galvin Fast food giant McDonald's is set to become one of America's largest publishers of children's books when it distributes 20 million paperbacks next month.


The kids are All Right, Vegemite


Geoff Maslen The tradition of children's play has survived despite increased use of television and video games.


Taking risks with Andy Griffiths

Children's Author Andy Griffiths.

Nick Galvin A willingness to take risks with gross-out humour has made the children's author a hero to younger readers - and a villain to some parents.


Banned book should be taught in schools

Christopher Bantick.

Christopher Bantick The story of sex between a teacher and her student is worth discussing.


Plenty of kidding around


Stephanie Owen Reeder enjoys some seriously funny picture books.

The darker side of children's books

Catcing Fire

Sarah Macdonald When should parents start introducing concepts of cruelty, poverty, death and disaster in literature?


Who should teach our kids to read?

Make reading a daily ritual with your kids ...

Josefa Pete The responsibility is often put on teachers but parents play a vital role in fostering a love of reading in their kids long before they walk through the school gates.

Out the gate and off like a rocket


Tom Hunt Hairy Maclary - the one from Donaldson's Dairy - lay for years as no more than a sketch in a book of ideas.

Goonies inspired Columbus' first novel


Katie Carlin Kids don’t have to travel far for an action packed adventure these school holidays; they simply have to open up Chris Columbus’ first novel, House of Secrets.

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