What makes kids happy?

Michaela Fox It’s not the latest gadget or digital device. It doesn’t cost money and it can’t be downloaded. It is pure and it is instinctive.

Seymour Centre new home to Sydney Children's Festival

Science and storytelling will combine in Twinkle, a new work inspired by the night sky.

Elissa Blake Sydney's biggest arts festival for kids has a new home and a new outlook.

Drama helping to boost kids' confidence


Livia Gamble Enrolling kids in drama is a great way parents can boost their child’s confidence.

The cutest father-daughter dance videos


Rachel Clun Father-daughter duos apparently make pretty good dance teams.

The importance of play in Australian schools

Principals of crowded inner-city schools, such as Port Melbourne Primary  School's Peter Martin, have to manage large numbers of students and a small amount of space. What gives, often, is space and time to play.

Marylou Verberne Australian schoolchildren are missing out on an essential experience.


New Zealand mum takes fairy tale photos of her daughter

Holly Spring

Rachel Clun Holly Spring didn’t set out to become an award winning creative photographer, but her daughter's near-death experience changed everything.

Little boy's reaction to this butterfly will make your day

butterfly boy

Rachel Clun A butterfly made a little boy’s day a bit more exciting by landing on his nose.

Dutch artist turns his childhood drawings into art

Telmo Pieper

Rachel Clun There is something not quite right about these realistic illustrations – and it’s probably because they were partially drawn by a child.

My son has lost his desire to play

Too many hours in front of the screen has robbed my son of his desire to play.

Marion Turner I have a major parenting fail to admit to you. My son can no longer play on his own and it is because I have used screens to keep him occupied for far too long.


Kids' dressed like monsters will take over the city's parks

Joel Meares Monsters with spikes and weapons in their claws will be guarding the slippery dips in Arthur Street Park this weekend. But don't be alarmed, it's all in the name of art.


Parents who compete with their kids

When games bring out your dark side.

Kerri Sackville - Essential Kids She isn't striving to be as 'hot' as her daughters or date much younger guys but Kerri Sackville reveals she has a dark competitive side when it comes to her son that she isn't proud of.

Loom bands are for boys, too

Rainbow Loom

Jen Vuk The day my seven-year-old son came home with a clear plastic bag of rubber bands, fasteners and something that looked suspiciously like a crochet hook, a bright, new, colourful (yes, even purple and pink) world opened up to me.


Boy rescued from toy vending machine

Kael Ireland

Derek Rose Customers at a bowling alley in Nebraska were stunned to find a three-year-old boy trapped in a toy vending machine.


Play used as therapy for troubled kids

Play therapy is a non-confrontational approach used in helping them sort out their feelings and concerns.

Lakshmi Singh Play is being used by experts as therapy to help children with a range of issues, ranging from anxiety, stress, bullying, domestic violence and disruption, loss of a loved one as well as developmental delays.


Which Easter showbags are going to be a hit with the kids this year?

Ryan Mackandev aged 7 trying out the showbags during the sSydney Royal Easter Show showbag preview.
12th March 2014.
Photo: Steven Siewert

Kim Arlington Children deliver their verdict on their pick of the best showbags at this year's upcoming Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Why I used to struggle to play with my boys

Playing with her sons used to be challenging but not anymore.

Rachel Cedar Why playing with your boys isn't another thing to tick of the to-do list but an opportunity with rewarding results.

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Preschooler's Knock-Knock joke Vine will make you melt

Adorable Vine star Breanna Youn.

Katie Carlin This might just be the most adorable thing you will see all day.

Cork Rocket Experiment

An experiment that will blow their mind!

Paging Fun Mums This Cork Rocket Experiment was so much FUN for the whole family!! It's a great way for kids to learn about Science through FUN!! It would also make a great science fair project.

DIY Pool Noodle Sprinkler


Paging Fun Mums This DIY sprinkler is easy to make using easily sourced materials, it's also lightweight and soft - making it perfect for kids to play with or to attach to a Trampoline safety net.


ByK E-450x3i review


Marion Turner Kids will love to ride the ByK and who knows, you may even have a future yellow jersey or gold medal winner in your family.

Crocodiles found in Mount Isa public pool

Baby freshwater crocodiles were thrown into a Mount Isa pool as a prank.

A family of baby crocodiles has made a splash at a public pool in Queensland, surprising swimmers trying to escape the heat.

Family-friendly firework locations in Sydney

PLANNER December 31, 2013. Coogee Sparkles firework display.

Lucy Hughes Jones The best family-friendly fireworks-viewing spots to nab this New Year's Eve.

Kittens reenact 'The Lion King' in adorable video

Kittens perform The Lion King and it is too cute.

What happens when children enlist the help of their pet kittens to recreate their favourite movie?


Top picnic spots in Australia

Jervis Bay.

Michael Gebicki Shake out the picnic rug and raid the fridge - because when the sun is shining, nothing beats a picnic.

How to encourage siblings to be friends


Nicole Thomson-Pride Strong sibling relationships can make life so much sweeter. But how can parents encourage their children to be good friends?


Five schoolyard games for girls


Livia Gamble Take a step back in time and try one these schoolyard games for girls – rhymes included.


Why kids should grow a garden

All smiles: Heidi Hodges is happy in the garden, much like her father.

Jason Hodges I've been very lucky from an early age - my mum and dad were keen gardeners.


Babies Prom doesn't disappoint youngest fans

Babies Prom at the Sydney Opera House

Staff writers Sydney Opera House plays host to a regular series aimed at two to five-year-olds called Babies Prom. The show has been running at the House for over 30 years and is the perfect way to introduce your kids to the joys of a live performance.

Homemade cleaning remedies

Inexpensive ways to clean your home

Victoria Birch With kids comes a whole new set of cleaning challenges. Here are eight homemade solutions to tackling the mess.

Five quick cleaning tips

Battling the mess ...

Victoria Birch Five cleaning tips to keep your house appearing tidy - even when you're time poor.

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