When playdates cause conflict and resentment among parents

Linda Moon While playdates can foster connection and support, they can also be a hotbed of parental politics.

Boy catches first fish, names it "Free" and girl cries over "chopping animal-people"

Girl hysterically cries because she doesn't want to eat

Clare Sibthorpe There's charm and beauty in the purity of a child achieving something for the first time, whether it be a significant milestone such as their first few steps, or a smaller accomplishment like catching their first fish.

Kids who spend more time in nature become happier adults, Planet Ark reports

Perhaps a snow-cation is in order?

Loren Smith Simply looking at nature activates the brain's dopamine reward system, triggering feelings of wellness.


Are our school playgrounds being wrapped in cotton wool?

For fear of injury and lack of space, playgrounds are becoming unimaginative and uninspiring.

Brendon Hyndman New research has found that fears of playground accidents such as falls has led to considerable changes in school playgrounds, reflecting a climate of over-policing and surplus rules and regulations.

Why being locked in a room with your children has never been so much fun

Escape Hunt: Solve the crime to escape the room.

Letitia Rowlands Fancy being locked in a room with your children these school holidays? I admit, it is an idea which doesn't sound overly appealing at first.

Alice Zaslavsky shares her tips for cooking with kids

Alice Zaslavsky's enthusiasm for food attracts little helpers.

Alice Zaslavsky Former teacher, author, one-time MasterChef Australia contestant and host of Channel Nine's kids' show Kitchen Whiz, Alice Zaslavsky shares her tips for inspiring kids in the kitchen.


I have the right to protect my child from your unleashed dog


Carolyn Swindell If your dog runs towards my child and I've got even a shred of doubt about its intentions, I'm going to take action.

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April: Family-friendly movie reviews

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Stay for an end-credits snippet nodding to one of many sequels.

Rob Lowing We review the films your kids and teens will be begging you to see this month and let you in on all the family-friendly details you need to know in advance.

2015 autumn school holiday guide


Livia Gamble Wondering how you will keep the kids entertained these school holidays? Here is what's on around Australia in your state.

The Melbourne 2015 Easter holiday guide for kids

The Listies perform during the Easter school holidays.

From the Comedy Festival to zoos and gardens, Melbourne is buzzing this Easter with great holiday events and activities for children.


Melborne music theatre boot camp gives shy kids a confidence boost

Confidence building: Music theatre boot camp for Melbourne kids.

Dilvin Yasa The benefits of sending kids to a week-long performing arts group are greater than you think.

The summer holidays are over – but we shouldn’t stop playing

Fun-filled days: taking time to find the play in your day.

Cathy Hope The summer holidays are well and truly over. The magic of Christmas is back in its box. Sales of champagne have plunged. The customary dribble back to work across the stretch of January, and now early February, is near complete. Kids are back at school.

10 cutest Vine videos of kids


Here's ten of our favourite Vine videos that are sure to make you smile.

How family-friendly is Wet’n’Wild?


Linda Moon In my four hours at the park I witnessed several undesirable incidents that shattered my view of Wet‘n’Wild as a family-friendly experience.

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Vacuum salesman gives child with autism birthday wish

Dylan with representatives from Kirby.

Mary Ward Some little boys are obsessed with dinosaurs, others are into football, but, since he was two years old, Dylan Green has loved for vacuums.

How Disney Collector became the most profitable channel on YouTube

DC Toys Collector in action.

Mary Ward Yes, you did read that correctly.

A US dad turns his living room into a ball pit


Livia Gamble To the delight of his children Roman Atwood transformed the first level of their house into a giant ball pit.

Australia Day menu ideas


Celebrate our extensive cultural diversity here in Australia with some of these recipes from Essential Kids for your Australia Day party or BBQ with friends and family.

Florida city may ban anyone without kids from playgrounds


Susannah Bryan If you want to hang out in one US city's parks, soon you may need to bring a kid along.


Are summer holidays for down time or down to it?

Relaxed but still reading: experts say students should have a summer break from learning and assessment but reading should be continued.

Julia Proctor For some students, the long school holidays are a time to do little thinking and a lot of playing but some parents worry their academic achievement will slide.


Lego exhibition in Sydney Museum shows how world's great buildings stack up


Elissa Blake Towers of Tomorrow, a collection of landmark buildings from Asia and Australia realised in Lego offers viewers a unique opportunity to compare buildings that have changed the way we think about architecture and invent some of their own.

Festive activities to do with the kids in the lead up to Christmas


Shaza Barbar We've got a list of festive things to do with the kids as they impatiently wait for Christmas Day.

2014 summer school holiday guide


Livia Gamble Wondering how you will keep the kids entertained these 2014-2015 summer school holidays? Here is what's on around Australia in your state.

When I grow up ...

Is your child a budding fireman?

Dilvin Yasa Does your child dream of becoming a vet, archaeologist or world-famous chef? Sign them up for these career-orientated workshops and experiences these school holidays and you can give them a glimpse into their possible future.


GOMA art installation spot on for kids

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 05:  Children laying dots randomly all over  Yayoi Kusama's The obliteration room at GOMA.

Natalie Bochenski Kids are going spotty for art these holidays at the GOMA.


Why I won't be buying my daughter a 'Frozen' costume

Why you should let your kids create their own Elsa costume.

Millicent Bainbridge Is your urge to supply things ‘ready-made’ spoiling your daughter’s imagination?

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Two toddlers injured after a jumping castle became airborne


Livia Gamble A two-year-old boy was critically injured while a three-year-old boy suffered minor injuries after an inflatable house was lifted into the air in the U.S.


11-year-old blind girl, 'I want to be the first visually-impaired gymnast'


Livia Gamble Apart from using some audio cues, 11-year-old Adrianna is the same as any other child on the gymnastic floor.

Are school holidays the hardest part of parenting?

Sunday Life, family sept 28

With two children aged nine and five, Elana Benjamin squares up for the challenge of playing school-holiday CEO.

Why iPad playgrounds are a bad idea for shops and kids

The new iPad bank play area at Guildford Town Centre mall in Canada.

Maggie Dent A Canadian shopping centre thought it was a good idea to replace their indoor child playground with an iPad bank but parents aren't impressed and for good reason, writes Maggie Dent.

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