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Watch the moment these 90s kids realise what the 'Macarena' is really about

Livia Gamble 4:44pm A video posted on YouTube asked a group of nineties kids to recall 'The Macarena' and what it's really about.

Hot to trot

Heartthrob Liam Hemsworth to appear on The Muppets TV show

Liam Hemsworth is Miss Piggys' rebound.

Bhakthi Puvanenthiran 11:36am Hunger Games star and heartthrob Liam Hemsworth is moving from the big screen to the little one. Just for Miss Piggy.

Ellie Drennan becomes The Voice Australia's youngest winner

<i>The Voice</i> Australia 2015 winner Ellie Drennan (right) with coach Jessie J.

Ebony Bowden NSW teenager Ellie Drennan walks away with a record deal, $100,000 and a car after beating three other finalists.

Disney princesses with realistic figures

Disney princesses with realistic figures.

From beards to 'real life', Disney princesses have been re-imagined too many ways to count.

Malala Yousafzai: watch the trailer for 'He Named Me Malala'

Malala Yousafzaio: He Named Me Malala.

Livia Gamble Malala's story is being made into a movie with a new trailer released this week.

10 best TV and movie nannies of all time

Ten favourite movie nannies

Livia Gamble Here's ten of our favourite nannies from movies.

Video: mum loses child, finds him scoring a try in charity match

Video: mum loses child, finds him scoring a try charity match

Livia Gamble Turn your back for five seconds and who knows what your child will get up to.

Moana: Disney reveal clips from latest princess movie

Disney's Moana will be released in 2016.

Livia Gamble Moana is the newest princess is town.

Toy Story 4: five ways Woody and Bo Peep should reunite according to Tom Hanks' movies

Toy Story 4 is a love story between Woody and Bo Peep.

Livia Gamble Disney confirmed the storyline for the upcoming fourth instalment of Toy Story: it's a rom-com.

Pixar's Finding Dory: five things we know

Five things we know about Pixar's Finding Dory.

Livia Gamble Since Dory graced our screen in Finding Nemo, everyone - especially Ellen Degeneres - has developed a soft spot for the Blue Tang fish.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to get modern reboot thanks to Will Smith


The 46-year-old actor played a fictionalised version of himself on the hit TV sitcom, which aired from 1990 to 1996.

Sesame Street moves to HBO: will the move disadvantage poorer children?

Under a new partnership announced on August 13, 2015, by Sesame Workshop and HBO, the premium cable channel will carry the next five seasons of

Josephine Tovey Sesame Street will now be brought to you by the letters H-B-O.


Cult return

Winona Ryder confirms a Beetlejuice sequel is happening

Actress Winona Ryder features in an episode

Garry Maddox Go ahead, make my millennium again.

Peppa Pig is more diva than Ariana Grande

Peppa Pig.

Livia Gamble Peppa Pig has a set of demands that rival the biggest pop divas.

Jennifer Lawrence brightens the day of sick kids with surprise hospital visit

Jennifer Lawrence visits sick children in hospital.

Livia Gamble Jennifer Lawrence takes a break from her busy schedule while filming the latest X-Men movie.

August: Family-friendly movie reviews

Fantastic Four: This origin story shows how the Fantastic team first got together.

Rob Lowing All the details you need to know about the movies your kids and teens will be begging you to watch this month.

Sony Pictures announce Jumanji remake and people aren't happy

Bonnie Hunt and Robin Williams in a scene from Jumanji.

Livia Gamble Sony Pictures announced on Wednesday they will doing a remake of Jumanji.

Say it ain't so

Kermit and Miss Piggy have broken up but The Muppets are back together

Miss Piggy, Kermit in happier times.

Andrew Stephens Get ready for a 30 Rock version of The Muppets.

Spelling Bee gets parents all teary

Grant Denyer prepares Harpita for her turn on Channel Ten's <i>The Great Australian Spelling Bee</i>.

Darren Cartwright Viewers admitting to tearing up while watching cute children spell.

Six unrealistic expectations Disney movies give kids


Livia Gamble From showering to wearing sea shells as underwear, Disney has created some unrealistic expectations.

Disney princes in real life


Livia Gamble The artist that showed us what Disney princesses would like in real life is back bringing Disney's men to life with another series of portraits.

Justin Bieber surprises boy with Down syndrome, gives him amazing gift

According to one IMF scenario, Greece would get a grace period under which it would make no more debt payments until Justin Bieber is 59 years old.

Livia Gamble Bieber appears to be using his fame for good, shedding his bratty image.

Five dirty jokes found in Disney movies


Livia Gamble Disney has a dirtier side that may, or may not have gone straight over your head as a child.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal cried over losing role in Disney movie

The Mighty Ducks: Jake Gyllenhaal cried over losing role in Disney movie.

Livia Gamble Actor Jake Gyllenhaal's Disney dream was crushed by his parents.

What your favourite Pixar movie says about you

Sadness from Inside Out

Livia Gamble Humour yourself, and us; pick your favourite Pixar movie below and see what it says about you.

Hunger Games finale

Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 trailer reveals the Games aren't over

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in the final Hunger Games instalment.

Linda Morris New trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 shows the explosive final showdown.

Top 10 family movies we can't wait to come out over the next year

The Peanuts Movie, Kung Fu Panda 3, and Finding Dory are on their way to the big screen.

Emma Brancatisano Families will be treated to a range of classics set to hit the big screen over the coming year.

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Australian teacher wins $20,000, buys 200 pairs of shoes for students

Australian teacher, Bri Dredge, wins $20,000 on Million Dollar Hot Seat, and spends the money on shoes.

Livia Gamble With a little help from the host, Bri Dredge won $20,000.

Boy, 5, dressed as Batman saves baby trapped inside locked car

Batkid saves the day.

Livia Gamble Dressed as Batman, Zavi Ahmed saves the day.

Genies: Disney to make live-action Aladdin prequel, answers everyone's question

Live-action Aladdin prequel is in the works.

Livia Moving on from remakes, Disney has entered a new phase announcing a live-action prequel for 'Aladdin': Genie.

'Dumb and stupid': why there are only male Minions

Why are there are only male minions.

Livia Gamble 'Minions' creator Pierre Coffin explains where all the lady Minions are.

Kid wonder

10-year-old confronts Q&A on freedom of speech

Ashton Platt

Michael Koziol It was either cute or cringeworthy, depending on your cynicism, and almost certainly calculated.

My bacon with Peppa Pig

I'm over you: Two boys break up with Peppa Pig in a public way.

Jessica Bartlett Call it a form of therapy, or perhaps just the bitter rantings of a Peppa fatigued parent; but I've listed all the reasons I have serious bacon with this little piggy.

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Disney 90's movie mashup will make you feel warm and fuzzy

Revisit your childhood in under three minutes.

Livia Gamble Nineties kids can revisit their childhood in under three minutes.

R.L Stine's 'Goosebumps' series brought to life with movie, watch the trailer

Watch the new Goosebumps trailer.

Livia Gamble Just when you thought the 90s were a thing of the past Sony Pictures releases a trailer for their upcoming movie Goosebumps, based on the popular, spooky children's series by R.L Stine. 

'Clueless': Twenty years on we find out the actors who almost got your favourite parts

The rise of Clueless.

Livia Gamble It's been 20 years since Clueless burst onto our screens but the hit film could have turned out very differently if these casting choices went ahead.

Watch: teaser trailer for Netflix remake of 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events'

Teaser trailer Netflix remake of 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events'.

Livia Gamble Netflix and Paramount Television are teaming for a remake of A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.

July: Family-friendly movie reviews

Ant-Man: Charming Paul Rudd ensures this brisk, polished flick has personality.

Rob Lowing All the details you need to know about the movies your kids and teens will be begging you to watch this month.

Monopoly board game to be made into a movie

Everybody's favourite board game is being adapted into a film.

You may not be able to pass go, but at least hope for free parking if the board game Monopoly makes it to the big screen.

Disney princesses' eyes are literally bigger than their stomach

Elas's eye are bigger than her stomach.

Livia Gamble In news that surprises no one; Disney princesses' have slim waists. What might surprise you is how small they actually are.

Five tips for your kid's first trip to the movies

First time tips: Make the first trip to the movies a memorable one.

Sierra Filucci Here are some tips for making the first venture to the movie theater a success.

Chris Pratt re-creates famous 'raptor whisperer' scene at children's hospital

Chris Pratt re-creates raptor training scene from 'Jurassic World'.

Livia Gamble The 'Jurassic World' star re-enacted the scene with children during his visit to Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital.

Evil returns

Disney and Angelina Jolie in talks for sequel to blockbuster 2014 flick Maleficent

<i>Maleficent</i> dominates at the box office.

Ebony Bowden Disney is reportedly moving toward a sequel of its 2014 blockbuster fairy tale Maleficent which starred Angelina Jolie as an evil fairy and grossed more than $700 million at the box office.


Magical role

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Katherine Waterston to play witch Tina

Actor Katherine Waterston attends the Centerpiece Gala Presentation.

Nick Galvin Katherine Waterston has been cast to play opposite Eddie Redmayne in the upcoming Harry Potter inspired movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

7 Movie Dads so great you'll wish they were yours

To Kill A Mockingbird: Atticus Finch sets an important example for his kids, Scout and Jem

Betsy Bozdech There's no shortage of dads in the movies. But all too often, it seems that filmmakers fall back on the stereotypically goofy, bumbling dad.

June: Family-friendly movie reviews

Inside Out: This proves that smart animation can communicate life experiences as effectively as live action movies.

Rob Lowing All the details you need to know about the movies your kids and teens will be begging you to watch this month.

Susan Olsen: Cindy Brady opens up about pashing her on-screen brother

Cindy Brady opens up about pashing her on-screen brother.

Livia Gamble The Brady Bunch kids might have appeared to live a sheltered life but behind the scenes it was anything but.

Watch the new Blinky Bill The Movie trailer

The new Blinky Bill trailer is here.

Livia Gamble Your first look at one of your favourite childhood characters reimagined for a new generation.

Original Jurassic Park cast, where are they now?

Jurassic Park cast: Where are they now?

It has been 22 years since dinosaurs first invaded our cinema screens, courtesy of Steven Spielberg in his epic film Jurassic Park.

Movie mashup of all the times Pixar made us cry in last 20 years

Ellie and Carl from Pixar's movie 'Up'.

Livia Gamble This mash up of seriously emotional moments in Pixar movies will give the feels.

Watch: Little boy's meltdown after stepping in dog poo

LIttle boy has a melt down after stepping in dog poo.

Livia Gamble Stepping in dog poo is the worst.

JK Rowling drops hints about the American Hogwarts to be revealed in new series

JK Rowling reveals an US Hogwarts.

Livia Gamble The location of an American Hogwarts to be revealed in 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2 trailer drops

Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2

The Revolution has been ignited.

Sesame Street's educational impact is comparable to preschool, study finds

Sesame Street researchers aggressively test their shows via focus groups to see what works.

Jim Tankersley The most authoritative study ever done on the impact of Sesame Street finds that the famous show has delivered lasting educational benefits to millions of children - benefits as powerful as the ones children get from going to preschool.

Five Disney movies and their dark past

Disney movies have some dark origins.

Livia Gamble Here's five Disney movies with origins that might shock you.

How Pink raised the spirits of nine-year-old girl fighting cystic fibrosis

Pink raises spirits of nine-year-old fighting cystic fibrosis.

Livia Gamble Eliana Huemer wrote a letter and posted it on Facebook with the hopes that pop star Pink would get in touch with her.

10-year-old twins mesmerise us with cover of Jason Mraz, 'I'm Yours'

Twins cover Jason Mraz, 'I'm Yours'.

Livia Gamble Twins cover will make you wish you could sing.

12 documentaries that will inspire kids to change the world

<i>Blackfish</i> (2013)

Caroline Knorr Watching a documentary might just inspire your kids to discover a new passion or cause. Here are some excellent documentaries for kids, tweens, and teens.

Dads hilariously respond to Frozen songs with a song of their own

Dads respond to Frozen with funny song.

Livia Gamble Watch actors Ryan O'Quinn and Todd Wilkerson vent their frustration towards 'Frozen' through song.

The next Spider-Man?

Meet the teenage actors vying to be the next Spider-Man in Captain America

A man dressed as Spider-Man adjusts his costume while promoting the movie

Ebony Bowden Marvel is reportedly on the verge of choosing a young male actor to portray a high-school-aged Spider-man in the new Captain America: Civil War film, with later plans for another Spider-man trilogy to be made by Sony.

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