If an authentic real-world recreation of an animated car is want you want, and you're happy to pay for it, this is the ...

I took a $500 Lightning McQueen robot for a test drive

Just in time for the release of Cars 3, Disney-Pixar has unveiled a talking, racing, robotic iteration of the franchise's main character, and it looks, acts and sounds eerily like the animated version.

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Nesting baskets : <a href="http://www.ikatbag.com/2011/06/3d-popsicle-stick-crafts-i-baskets.html" ...

Ice cream stick crafts for kids

Popsicle sticks, ice cream sticks, paddlepop sticks or craft sticks - whatever you call them, there are plenty of fun things to do with them.

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Unicorn cake: what we expected versus what we got.

Hilarious Pinterest fails

Ever attempted to make something you've seen on Pinterest? How did that work out?

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