Brie Larson will star as Captain Marvel in 2019 film

Brie Larson the newest female member of the Marvel Universe.
Brie Larson the newest female member of the Marvel Universe. Photo: Twitter

Oscar winner Brie Larson will play Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers in an upcoming Captain Marvel film.

The announcement was made as part of Comic-Con, held in San Diego, over the weekend.

President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, shared the news as he gathered the Marvel family for a photograph.

"If we're actually going to do a big Marvel family photo, we should introduce the newest member of the Marvel family," he said on stage at Comic-Con. "The newest person joining us, Captain Marvel herself – Brie Larson."

"Call me Captain Marvel," the star tweeted.

Larson also shared a picture of a young fan dressed in the Captain Marvel costume she'll soon be donning for the role.


"My inspiration. Girls rule," she said.

Actress Lupita Nyong'o shared another photo from Comic-Con of the #MarvelMamas

"Bad-Ass Women," she captioned it.

The film will hit cinemas in 2019.

We can't wait.