Dad stands up for the rights of boys to watch princess films

Disney's newest princess ... Sofia the First
Disney's newest princess ... Sofia the First 

At Essential Kids we're just loving the stories of awesome dads coming through social media this year. I particularly like the stories of dads who have stood up to those who use gender stereotypes to discriminate against their sons. Last year we had Nils Pickert, who walked down a main street in a red skirt, in solidarity for his son who had been bullied over his preference for dresses instead of pants.

Now it's Sam's dad's turn to be a hero. The father, who remains anonymous, was in  line with his son at a Wal-Mart store, when Sam asked for a Sofia the First DVD. Read what happens next below.

Isn't that just the sweetest? The conversation was picked up by Reddit after being posted on Facebok and Sam's dad is now internet famous. Incidentally, the Huffington Post reports that the creator of the Sofia the First, Criag Gerber, was inspired by his own son for the central idea of Sofia the First:

I had noticed that Miles emulated a lot of fantasy characters that he didn't really have anything in common with. That, of course, is part of the allure. Being someone else. But, I thought, what if that "someone else" was just a little bit older than Miles and going through a lot of the same situations Miles was going through? Starting school. Getting along with new friends or new siblings. How to deal with adversity. Not throwing the marker across the room because the circle he's drawing isn't perfectly round. I saw that Miles could use a fantasy character who was a reflection of himself -- serving as a kind of magic mirror that would allow him to enjoy the fantasy while strongly identifying with the situations playing out in the show.

And that's how the main character of Princess Sofia came to be. The show has since proved phenomenally successful with children of both genders (my own boy and girl watch it mesmerised). Which only proves how ridiculous it is to label children's toys and entertainment as 'for boys' or 'for girls'.

Let's also get over the ridiculous idea that children's sexuality is determined by what toys they play with. It's an ignorant presumption which masks a homophobic premise. What's wrong with being gay anyway? A big high five to the 'old lady' in the story too who showed this kid that fairy godmothers can turn up in the most unlikely places.