Disney characters in real life

Did you ever spend summer days in your pool imagining you were princess Ariel? Or were you Sleeping Beauty waiting for your prince to awaken you from your slumber?

Most little girls dreamed of bringing their favourite Disney characters to life and one Finnish designer has done just that. Jirka Väätäinen has designed a series of Disney characters envisioned in real life by blending and mixing together elements from real life photos and by painting digitally in Photoshop.

Snow White, Esmeralda, and Alice are all here and if Ursula the evil sea witch scared you as a child wait until you see what she might look like in real life! The latest additions to the series include everyone's favourite Scandinavian princesses - Anna and Elsa. 

Can you guess which Disney princesses these are?
Can you guess which Disney princesses these are? Photo: Jirka Väätäinen

Look through some of Jirka’s amazing designs in our photo gallery and visit his website to see more of his inspired work.