Disney's new 'Aladdin' trailer is here featuring Will Smith as Genie

Fans are getting their first glimpse of Will Smith's genie.
Fans are getting their first glimpse of Will Smith's genie. Photo: Facebook

The new trailer for Disney's live-action remake of Aladdin was released during the Grammys.

And while Will Smith's genie is finally out of the bottle, it's left people feeling a little ... blue.

Meanwhile, Smith can't understand why fans are so surprised.

In stills released last year, while the actor was shown sans paint, rocking impressive "top knot ponytail vibes," he did reveal that his CGI character would be blue. "This is how the character is in human/disguise form," he said at the time.

"I told y'all I was gon' be Blue!! Smith wrote in a post to Instagram after the trailer premiered. " Y'all need to trust me more often!"


I told y’all I was gon’ be Blue!! 🧞‍♂️ Y’all need to trust me more often! 😆 #aladdin

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But while his genie might be the same colour, Smith previously told Entertainment Weekly that his version of the beloved character would be different from the late Robin Williams' iconic Genie in the 1992 animated film.

"There's a little bit less mimicking — there's a James Brown piece that we do but a little bit less mimicking," Smith said in December. "The thing that will be the major addition from me playing the Genie is the hip-hop base. I think that'll be fun for people. I think it'll stand out as unique even in the Disney world. There hasn't been a lot of that hip-hop flavour in Disney history!

The filmwhich is written by John August and directed by Guy Ritchie also stars Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine.

Aladdin hits Aussie cinemas on 23 May.