Emily Blunt reveals that the new Mary Poppins movie will have none of the original songs

Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins and the Banks children in the 1964 Disney classic
Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins and the Banks children in the 1964 Disney classic  Photo: Hull Independent Cinema

If you think you'll be able to sing along to all of your favourite Disney classics in Mary Poppins Returns, you better think again.

Actress and star of the upcoming Rob Marshall musical sequel, Emily Blunt, has revealed that the songs from the original Mary Poppins won't be getting an encore in the new film.

For many, A Spoon Full of Sugar, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Chim Chim Che-ree are synonymous with the the magical world of Mary Poppins, and are even considered some of the best parts of the original 1964 film.

But Blunt will be singing to a different tune this time around.

Speaking on UK's Magic Radio, Blunt said that in, Mary Poppins Returns, she is glad that she does not have to live up to Julie Andrews.

"Spoonful of Sugar does not exist in our version; it's all new music! Get over it guys. There's a new Mary in town!"

The synopsis of the new film does give us a hint as to why this may be, with Blunt's Mary returning 20 years after her first visit to 17 Cherry Tree Lane to the now grown-up Banks family to help them with a family tragedy.

Other stars to be featured in the sequel include Meryl Streep, who is to play the character of 'Topsy' (the cousin of Mary who was not featured in the original), and Ben Whishaw as Michael Banks, best known for his roles in 007 films Skyfall and Spectre.


While Blunt may not have to sing any of the old catchy songs, she still has big shoes to fill. 

The original 1964 Disney classic won five Oscars, including Best Actress for Julie Andrews.

So what does the great Julie Andrews think?

Blunt recently revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that director Rob Marshall had spoken to Andrews about casting Blunt as her successor - and her response? "Oh, wonderful!"

"I felt like I wanted to cry," Blunt said. "It was lovely to get her stamp of approval. That took the edge off it, for sure."

Mary Poppins Returns is due to hit cinemas in 2018. 

Even with all new musical scores we are sure it will be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!