Family life helps McConaughey fly higher

Matthew McConaughey credits his family for a successful year.
Matthew McConaughey credits his family for a successful year. 

Actor Matthew McConaughey credits his growing family for his 2012 success.

"One, they ground you. Two, when you have that kind of structure at home and you feel stable at home it makes it much easier to fly higher and wider when you're outside of home," McConaughey said on Monday at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.

The 43-year-old received the best supporting actor honour for Magic Mike and Bernie. He garnered critical success in 2012 for Mud and The Paperboy, both shown in competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

Matthew McConaughey as Dallas in Magic Mike.
Matthew McConaughey as Dallas in Magic Mike. 

"Got a great family that loves what I do, they're happy for papa when papa is happy. Papa is happy when he's working, and they like it when papa goes to work," he said of his busy year.

"Things that I've been working on came to fruition personally, workwise, healthwise. And we just decided to embrace it all - myself, my family - decided to embrace it all," he said.

"Even when it was work that I was doing that my family wasn't necessarily doing. My family was pushing me to go, 'Go get it on. Do it. We're right behind you. We got it'."

McConaughey married long-time girlfriend Camila Alves in June. He announced last month on his Whosay page that Alves had given birth to their third child, Livingston, on December 28.

"Livingston had a lot to say this morning," he joked. "He had a mouthful of milk. That's what he had."

McConaughey said his older children, four-year-old son, Levi, and three-year-old daughter, Vida, were excited about the NYFCC award, but even more excited about his return home in Texas.


"They're like, 'Get the trophy and come back home'. I said, 'I'm coming back home'."

McConaughey was happy to eat cheeseburgers again after losing 15kg for his upcoming role as an HIV patient in Dallas Buyers Club.

He portrays a man named Ron Woodruff who contracted HIV in the 1980s through drug use.

Matthew McConaughey with wide, Camila Alves, and two of his three children, Vida and Levi.
Matthew McConaughey with wide, Camila Alves, and two of his three children, Vida and Levi. 

The actor is only 2kg away from his normal size and he's elated to be back to his old self.

"I have less (physical) leverage, but my mind is way sharper," he told People magazine.

McConaughey couldn't wait to reunite with junk food after being deprived of calorific treats for so many months.

He cherished his first normal meal following his fast.

"(The first thing I ate after dieting was) a cheeseburger. That was it," he recalled.

"I got the cheeseburger, and then I sat there for 25 minutes and doozied it up."

Dallas Buyer's Club, which also stars Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto, will be released later this year.