Grandad dances with granddaughter to Let It Go and steals our hearts away

Poppy and his little ballerina
Poppy and his little ballerina Photo: Storyful

There is quite simply nothing that beats the love of a grandparent. They say that becoming one is a revelation of devotion and love and one granddad has shown this to be the absolute truth as he dances to Let it Go with his toddler granddaughter.

Here is a man willing to do whatever it takes for one of the greatest loves of his life and he has stolen our hearts away. He says to his little ballerina as he pirouettes to the hit theme song from Frozen, "We're the best dancers, aren't we?" She responds with delight, "We are!"

You just have to watch until the end to see Poppy's heartfelt finale; he has us just as enamoured as his little granddaughter.

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