It's finally safe to take your active, noisy kids to the movies!

Photo/Event Cinemas
Photo/Event Cinemas 

If you've ever tried to take your kids to the movies only to have them squirming and running up and down the aisles before the ads have finished, then you're not alone.

That's why the latest venture from Event Cinemas, "Event Junior" is bound to be a hit - with kids and parents alike. Designed for children eight years and under, the family-friendly experience features an in-cinema playground complete with a slide, a netted climbing gym, digital interactive games and other play equipment.

There are three options for tiny movie-goers:

Photo:Event Cinemas
Photo:Event Cinemas 

Dedicated Playtime Only Sessions – These run for 60 minutes and are $5 per child (two years and older). You can book these via

Playtime Sessions with a Movie:  With this option you book a movie session in Event Junior and add 30 minutes of playtime for $5 per child. Standard ticket prices apply.

Movie Only Sessions: Movie only sessions include playtime during a ten minute play intermission. Standard ticket prices apply.

There's even a special menu full of kid-friendly snacks including junior popcorn combos, muesli bars, kids' ice-cream, yoghurt and fresh fruit as well as comfy daybeds and colourful sofa bean bags.

Photo: Event Cinemas

Luke Mackey, Director of Entertainment, Event Cinemas says, "Our research tells us that our customers value unique experiences. We recognise that for people with young children, it can be a challenge to find fun, affordable activities to do – which led us to create Event Junior, designed by kids especially for kids," says Luke Mackey, Director of Entertainment, Event Cinemas. "Event Junior features a playground at the front of the cinema, which has been tried and tested by children to ensure that the experience delivers. This is about creating a relaxed environment where kids can chase, jump, bounce, play and if they wish, add a movie."

Event Junior launched on Tuesday at Event Macquarie and Event Shellharbour, before being rolled out in locations around Australia 

Find more information and session details here: