Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes made into movie

Fans of the novel will be excitedly awaiting the release of Judy Blume's <i>Tiger Eyes</i>.
Fans of the novel will be excitedly awaiting the release of Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes

If you grew up cherishing the work of Judy Blume you will be jumping up and down like a teenager once again, when you learn that they have brought the first of her novels to life on the big screen.

The 1981 best-seller, Tiger Eyes, is set to capture a whole new teen audience while bringing fans of the original novel back for more with the American release due next month.

Not many writers are able to so aptly craft a story that encapsulates so much of the teenage existence quite like Judy Blume. Which is why it’s a relief to know that the now 75-year-old co-wrote the screenplay with her son, Lawrence Blume, who also directed the film.

<i>Tiger Eyes</i> starring Willa Holland.
Tiger Eyes starring Willa Holland. 

Tiger Eyes follows the story of grieving teenager Davey. After the sudden death of her father in an armed hold-up, she is forced to move with her mother and brother to New Mexico to live with her aunt. Full of all the teenage angst, loss and pain you’d expect from a Blume novel, the movie brings just as much of the raw teenage experience to the screen.

While it’s lacking the vampires, magic wands and post-apocalyptic worlds that have managed to capture the young adult market thus far, Tiger Eyes offers it’s young audience an authentic teenage character facing a very tragic reality. Her journey from confusion, heartbreak and despair to hope, love and strength is sure to be worth the watch.

Starring the O.C’s Willa Holland as Davey, Tatanka Means as Wolf, alongside Amy Jo Johnson, Elise Eberle, Cynthia Stevenson, Lucien Dale, Forrest Fyre, and Russell Means.

A release date for Australia is still to be announced.

Watch the trailer below: