Pirates of the Caribbean stein the latest Disney cup to sell out

The Pirates of the Caribbean stein that has Disney fans aflutter.
The Pirates of the Caribbean stein that has Disney fans aflutter. Photo: ktthedisneybear

There's never been any doubt that Disney is the king of all merchandisers. Way back in the 50s people were going mad for Mickey Mouse ears and in fact, the desire for Disney goods started in the 1930s, when the company realised the mass appeal of its characters, that could then be applied to products.

We showed you the sold out Disney Beauty and the Beast cup that had people lining up for ridiculous amounts of time and now there's a new cup on the Disney block that has sold out within a matter of days. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, Disney a limited edition stein has been released, along with themed food and entertainment options at the famous theme park.

It should be noted that the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction actually inspired the movies. It opened on March 18, 1967 and has remained a huge favourite among Disney park goers. So it's little wonder then, that everyone is going nuts for this cup which is pretty much everything a Pirates of the Caribbean fan could dream of.

The lid features the Pirates skeleton who captains the ship at the attraction, and the sides have etchings of different scenes. Before selling out in the first two days, the stein retailed for US$12.99 and came filled with a choice of soft drink flavours. We've already seen them pop up on Ebay for nearly $250AUD plus post from the US.

The good news for Disneyland goers is that there is a planned restock in May, so don't go paying those overinflated prices in a hurry. We reckon ktthedisneybear will probably be the first to know when they're back so make sure to keep an eye out on her amazing Disney feed.


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