The Lost Boys remember Robin Williams as 'Hook' turns 25

The Lost Boys from the cast of Hook - now and then.
The Lost Boys from the cast of Hook - now and then. Photo: 22 Vision

On August 11, it has been two years since the world lost one of its most beloved stars, Robin Williams. It's also the 25th anniversary of the movie Hook and the cast of the Lost Boys has reunited to celebrate and remember their friend and co-star.

The actors who played the Lost Boys in the 1991 film got together with 22 Vision for a throwback photoshoot where they dress up as their former characters. There were some nerves about squeezing back into a midriff-baring outfit on the part of Dante Basco who doubted even at age 15 how cool he would look to his already-famous co-stars with his belly button out.

Aged from six to sixteen at the time of filming the now fully grown cast leapt straight back into their roles as if no time had passed, with some reverent words for their departed co-star.

Isaiah Robinson who played the adorable Pockets aged 8 said "...he was just as goofy as he was gentle."

"He kept the set very alive," said James Madio who was 16 when he played the character Don't Ask.

When asked "Does it feel like 25 years has passed?" the crew replied "Oh yeah, we're old now."

Be sure to have some tissues before watching the video from ET below because it really brings home just how big a loss Robin Williams is to the world and to those who knew him. It also highlights the closeness the cast experienced on the set of Hook, due in no small way to Williams' warmth.

Happy 25th anniversary to Hook.