This daddy-daughter Disney hair contest will gladden your heart

An online group aiming at strengthening bonds between dads and daughters set up the best photo comp ever.
An online group aiming at strengthening bonds between dads and daughters set up the best photo comp ever. Photo: Facebook

With millions of parents doing their children's hair each morning all the world over, it would be easy to discount the task as just one of those everyday things you rush through. It's not how 70,000 members of an online community called Daddy Daughter Hair Factory see it though.

Started by Florida dad Phil Morgese and his daughter Emma, the initial aim was to help out a few newly single dads in their community to become more engaged with their role and bond with their little girls. The group has a mission statement that outlines why doing hair is important.

"By giving fathers and father figures the tools they need to handle hair properly, we hope to encourage stronger bonds between them and their daughters. Realizing that the most important aspect of doing hair is the bond behind it. Learning the tools and proper techniques helps those that struggle with the concept."

The page celebrates the efforts of dads doing hair by sharing photos and video tutorials for all wanting to learn and also facilitates community workshops for people to attend. This month's contest is the Disney Princess Contest and some dedicated dads have submitted their incredible creations. Each entry has a description and we think it's essential reading.

They look like they are having the most amazing daddy-daughter fun ever, especially these two. Dad Greg Wickherst treated daughter Izzy to a special photo shoot in a castle, with little Izzy dressed as Merida from the movie Brave. Greg says, "I love to spend time with my daughter doing silly things."

There's even a Princess Leia, portrayed perfectly by Phil's daughter Emma. He amusingly calls himself The Braidfather.

This Princess Jasmine 'do' is pretty sophisticated.

Make sure you see the entire album of entries at Daddy Daughter Hair Factory. Are you tempted to enter? Entries close February 26 so time is of the essence.