Tiny Moana fan steals the show

 Photo: YouTube: mneshin

I don't know about you, but I have some pretty passionate Moana fans in my house – they'll proudly tell anyone listening that they've seen Moana "at least eleven times". But my kids can't hold a candle to one little girl who recently delivered a stirring performance of How Far I'll Go at a school concert.

Four-year-old Sophia and her class were supposed to perform a "mellow rendition" according to the caption on the YouTube clip, but Sophia was having none of that.

Emoting along with the lyrics from start to finish, complete with grand gesticulations, one can only imagine how many times Sophia's family has had to listen to the Moana soundtrack in the lead up to this, Sophia's star moment.

So what if she is way shorter than the microphone, and her voice is lost in the tiny crowd, when this group sings, all eyes are on tiny, blonde Sophia.

So while every other parent is probably deleting the video of their kids' first concert because really, all you can look at is Sophia, Sophia's parents will be saving this one for her 21st. And the world gets to enjoy a star turn from a hilarious little girl.