Top 10 Disney Pogo remixes

Scene from Mary Poppins
Scene from Mary Poppins 

If you haven't discovered the wonderfully addictive Disney remixes by Australian music producer and remix artist Nick Bertke, aka Pogo, you have been missing out. The talented 25-year-old has developed quite the following on Youtube, with over 270,000 subscribers and over 11.7 million views for his first remix alone, titled 'Alice'.

Here are ten of his best, including his most recent release, 'What I Likes', from Mary Poppins.

1. 'What I likes' (Mary Poppins)

2. 'Bloom' (Disney Princesses)

3. 'Bangarang' (Hook)

4. 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' (Willy Wonka)

5. 'Mary’s Magic' (The Secret Garden)

6. 'Whisperlude' (A Little Princess)


7. 'Upular' (UP)

8. 'Alice' (Alice in Wonderland)

9. 'Boo Bass' (Monsters Inc)

10. 'Wishery' (Snow White)

You can find a whole lot more here at Nick Bertke's Youtube channel.