We knew it! New Disney Pixar video shows all their movies are linked

Disney Pixar shows how thier movies are linked

A new video posted on the official Toy Story Facebook page shows that Disney Pixar movies are linked in some way.

We all love Disney Pixar movies. But how much attention have you been paying?

A new video posted on the on the official Toy Story Facebook page shows that all of their movies are linked in some way.

The clip highlights small "Easter eggs" that have been planned into the movies that subtlely tie the movies together. Mind-blowingly, the characters and objects that have been highlighted link movies that were released years apart.

Riley, the central character from Inside Out appears in a crowd in Finding Dory, an image of Sully from Monsters Inc is carved into Brave, and purple teddy Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear from Toy Story 3 makes an appearance in Up. And there are lots more.

The film is under three minutes and you'll want to watch it again and again to register the many hidden links. It's no surprise then that it's already clocked up over 3.6 million views.

Naturally, the film has caused an almost internet breaking stir – it's been shared 53 thousand times and has nearly 60 thousand likes and reactions. The comments reveal that even the die-hard Disney Pixar fans hadn't spotted all the links.

"There were quite a lot of these I hadn't seen before," writes on fan.

"How cool!! I never knew. Now I want to watch all the films to try and find them," says another.

Of course the film also raises more questions that are leaving fans scratching their heads.


"So Boo from Monsters Inc maybe is Emily from Toy Story 2 the owner of Jessie?" asks one fan.

Yep, our minds are blown too. If you need us we'll be binge watching all the Disney Pixar movies.

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