Your old Disney VHS tapes could be worth $10,000

Are you sitting on a goldmine?
Are you sitting on a goldmine?  Photo: eBay

If you're planning a garage sale this weekend, you might want to hold onto those old VHS Disney tapes you've had since childhood.

Quite apart from their sentimental value, it turns out those tapes could fetch up to $10,000

E news! uncovered this copy of The Little Mermaid on eBay for a cool $9,900. That's approximately AU $13,340! 

This <i>The Little Mermaid</i> VHS tape is currently on eBay for a very large amount of money.
This The Little Mermaid VHS tape is currently on eBay for a very large amount of money. Photo: eBay

Why is this particular copy so valuable? According to the product description, it features rare, banned cover art. More specifically, one of the castle spires looks a little phallic. And, while rumours circulated that it was the deliberate work of a disgruntled, soon-to-be ex employee, in actual fact, the phallic palace was completely accidental. 

Interestingly though, a phallus-free VHS of Beauty and the Beast is listed at the same price. So, if it isn't the genitalia attracting the hefty price tag, then what is it?

A Reddit user, Reddit_Executive has one theory

The infamous "banned" VHS tape cover art.
The infamous "banned" VHS tape cover art. Photo: Disney

He writes:

On the spines of some VHS (and BetaMax) tapes is a black diamond with Walt's signature on it. This was Disney's first attempt to market their videos to homes. Because of this, certain Disney collectors are convinced that these VHS tapes are worth something.

So there you have it – time to raid those old VHS collections. You might be sitting on a goldmine.