80s kids rejoice - the original My Little Ponies are back

80s kids rejoice - The original My Little Pony
80s kids rejoice - The original My Little Pony Photo: Instagram

If you grew up in the 80s, chances are you had a My Little Pony (or two) in your possession, along with your Polly Pocket and your Rainbow Brite.

Well, would you believe the popular franchise is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year - and they're doing so in style.

To the mark the occasion, toy company Basic Fun is re-releasing the original six My Little Ponies: Minty, Blue Bell, Butterscotch, Snuzzle, Blossom, and Cotton Candy - and we're feeling seriously nostalgic.

"In the world of retro, probably the most exciting new thing we're launching is Retro My Little Pony," Brad Pederson of Basic Fun told kidscreen last year. "We think the market is going to respond to that opportunity, and breathe new life into the retro phenomenon that we have, historically, been very dominant in."

If your kids aren't into the revamped My Little Pony, and you didn't catch the star-studded movie adaptation last year, you probably won't be familiar with what the ponies look like now. 

While this is how we remember the pastel-coloured crew:

This is what they look like post makeover 


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Quite the transformation ...

Thankfully, the 35th anniversary editions look pretty close to the originals - and they even come with a comb!

"With long, shiny hair that you can comb, braid, and style, they look and feel just like you remember and are the perfect gift for kids or adult collectors," the website promises.


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But it gets better. The six rainbow ponies: Sunlight, Starshine, Windy, Parasol, Skydancer, and Moonstone, have also been re-released, complete with a "special scent".

While an Australian release date has yet to be made public, the toys have been available in the US since earlier this year. You can snap some up on eBay here for varying price tags.

Take our money, please!