Attention 90s kids! Tamagotchis are back in Australia


It was the 90s craze that put small, portable electronic toys in the hands of kids everywhere, and now the iconic Tamagotchi is back.

These electronic pets are set to steal the hearts of a whole new generation. They were available briefly last year but sold out so quickly, many didn't get the chance to relive their childhood memories.

To make sure you don't miss out again, you can now pre-order from JBHiFi for $34 a piece.

JBHiFi announced the release on its Facebook page which in only a matter of days, has attracted more than 34,000 comments from excited fans.

The company posted, "Can you tell we're feeling particularly nostalgic this week? Revisit the '90s with the 2018 release of the Original Tamagotchi, the original virtual reality pet."

JB also states that the new models will be "...available in classic and new styles".


The units will start shipping on July 8, but JB says it expects to sell out via pre-orders 'long before then'.

Adults will be reliving their dearest childhood moments, with many taking to Facebook to reminisce.


"The only thing I cared about in year 5 was the Tamagotchi that lived on the end of a lanyard around my neck. That was my childhood."

"Sometimes I just gave up and let it die and restarted it, and that's why I would be a terrible mother."

"I remember when all I wanted was one of these and I got one for Christmas then put it through the washing machine the next day."

Tamagotchis not your thing? JB is also taking pre-orders for another 90s throwback toy, the Digimon.