Could these personalised seat belt covers help save your child's life?

Photo: Personalised by Nat
Photo: Personalised by Nat 

Beng misunderstood is part and parcel of having special needs, and for kids this can be a minefield that caring adults can help with.

But in the event of a car accident or situation where a known adult can't assist, there's much room for a cascade of misunderstanding that could end up jeopardising the safety and health of all concerned.

Judging from the 730,000 shares, 44,000 comments and nearly 200,000 likes on one small business's Facebook post, spruiking its personalised car seat belt covers printed with special needs alerts, it's an issue that worries many parents and carers.

Photo: Personalised by Nat
Photo: Personalised by Nat 

Time is of the essence in a car accident, and if emergency crew have an understanding of the person they're trying to help - that they may have a cochlear implant, or have non-verbal autism - then things can be dealt with appropriately.

Personalisation by Nat offers car seat belt covers that can also be used be used on backpack straps. The prints on offer cover both types of diabetes, autism, cochlear implants, as well as offering a bespoke service.

The idea came from a Melbourne mum who worried she wouldn't be able to communicate with medical teams about her daughter if she had a car accident.

Nat writes, "I always wonder what would happen if I was in a car accident with my daughter and I was unable to let the doctors know that she could not have an MRI due to having a cochlear implant. Now I don't need to worry about that with these seat belt covers. These can be made for any special needs that the medical team will need to know if you are unable to tell them".

The huge response on Facebook has parents and emergency staff alike singing their praises. 


"My husband is part of Fire and Rescue and said that this is a brilliant idea. Such a valuable piece that provides a lot of information clearly so that personal involved can approach situations with knowledge and care".

"I am also a firefighter and I agree this is a great idea. I don't really think the window stickers are effective because sometimes windows are broken, but seatbelts are usually intact."

"I need one, even thought my son is verbal relatively he could go into full panic attach with unknown scary incidents, it is such a great idea".

"This could work great for folks with dementia or Alzheimer's also".

They are currently retailing for $15 each or two for $25, from Personalised by Nat.


Photo: Personalised by Nat