Dad builds epic indoor treehouse for his kids

Photo: Instagram / Evening Woodworker
Photo: Instagram / Evening Woodworker 

A Washington dad has spent eight months building the most epic indoor treehouse for his four children.

Jared Geddes, who shares his woodworking skills on his YouTube channel The Evening Woodworker, documented the build in a video and shared it with his nearly 4,500 subscribers. 

The timelapse footage shows the mechanical engineer building the structure over the course of eight months. 

He captioned the video: "This is about 8 months of evenings and some weekends condensed down into just a few minutes.

"I hope you enjoy it and get inspired to be creative with your projects!"

The video's been viewed nearly 8,500 views.

Some of the comments on the video were hilarious and others praised him for his outstanding craftsmanship.

"As a 29-year-old, are you adopting? And can you build one for me," wrote Hakasauars.


"I have some small question: who will wipe the dust in this room? ☺" said ChristianGarlic.

And bravenizer said: "Great work man!!! Ur kids must be really proud of u. And it will leave them with a lifetime memory".

The treehouse, which cost about $700, features a rope bridge, ladders, forts and pulley system.

And his kids, all aged under eight, surely love it – with the video showing them dressed as pirates running, climbing, playing on, and in, the treehouse. 


During the day, we play! #indoortreehouse #inprogress #eveningwoodworker

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Mr Geddes, who described himself on his website as an engineer by day and a woodworker by night, does most of his carpentry when his 'kids are in bed, but before the neighbours call the cops'.

"For me, making stuff out of wood is one of the most satisfying hobbies there is," he said.

"I love seeing the idea in my head slowly materialise."

His other projects have included wooden toy cars, trains and planes, as well as furniture, jewelry and a garden bridge.