Dad makes 'spin chair ride’ at home for his kids

Dad builds a spinning ride his kids.
Dad builds a spinning ride his kids.  Photo: Make Science Fun/YouTube

A Sydney dad built a ride for his kids in the backyard to explain 'why you get dizzy'. While his kids, aged seven and 10, certainly experienced the giddy feeling that comes with spinning around on a chair, Jacob Strickling said: "they spent most of their time screaming!' 

Strickling, who is science teacher, built the 'spin chair ride' at home from old mobility scooter and filmed it for his YouTube channel, Make Science Fun.

The video shows his daughter, Mikalah up first, taking the ride for a spin.

Once the chair picks up speed, she can be heard screaming: "Stop... dad, stop it, stop it now."

Samuel is next, laughing and screaming the whole time he's on the 'ride'.

Watch the video above.