Dream book storage for kids

The conundrum of which bookshelf to put in your child's room can be an agonising one. Wall shelves are permanent and a stand alone bookshelf tends to take up more room.

Whichever option you end up with, we've done the hard work for you sourcing the most functional and tasteful selections available right now.

Ubabub Booksee shelves - $199 for two
Ubabub Booksee shelves - $199 for two Photo: Ubabub

Great book storage encourages our kids to pick up a book and read so creating the right environment is a huge part of that. Many kids love to see the book covers facing them and others read no matter which way the book sits in the bookshelf.

Take a look at our varied and gorgeous gallery of kids' bookshelves and you'll be sure to find one which fits your particular style and budget.

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