Dream job alert: Fisher-Price seeks 'Top Toy Tester'

Is this the job for your child?
Is this the job for your child? Photo: Fisher Price

Are you aged between 12 months and 5 years old? Are you a toy connoisseur, a trend-setter even, when it comes to the latest gadgets and must-haves? 

Well, brush up your CV and update your LinkedIn profile, kids, because oh-boy do we have the ultimate job for you.

Toy Giant, Fisher-Price, are seeking a "Top Toy Tester" for some Very Important Toy Testing at their lab in the US. Yep, that's right, you'll get to play to your heart's content.

Along with international travel on a plane - (woo hoo!) the role has some serious perks.

The lucky candidate will have access to a (plastic) company car - (yep your own set of wheels!) flexible working hours with plenty of time for naps, refreshments and a special Big Chair for that all-important toy talk. Oh and you get to bring your family along too!


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Are you enthusiastic like this little toy expert?

There's also a very generous remuneration package - all the toys you could want for 12 months. And your very own Play Lab too.

According to The Boss at Fisher Price, the ideal Top Toy Tester is " decisive and deliberate" and knows, almost straightaway, whether or not a toy is a winner.


"And if it's not," says The Boss, "you're not afraid to communicate your opinion in very clear terms." In fact, in this very demanding, but super fun role, "Doing your block" isn't just tolerated but encouraged.

Think you'd be PERFECT for the role? 

Tell your mum and dad to take a cute snap of you, upload it here and - in 25 words or fewer - let Fisher-Price know why you're the best Kid for the job.

 Applications are open from March 21 – 14 May 2017.

Good luck!