Flexo is the new product taking LEGO to the next level and making it flexible

The Flexo swing bridge made with Flexo and LEGO Bricks, helps reenact action in a realistic way.
The Flexo swing bridge made with Flexo and LEGO Bricks, helps reenact action in a realistic way. Photo: Flexo

A new product called Flexo stands to change the face of brick construction toys with the power of flexibility.   

The Flexo flat bricks look like standard LEGO bricks but use a new technology similar to the familiar interlocking brick system that still has the ease and simplicity that made the LEGO brand world famous.

The Flexo system consists of construction bricks, joined by flexible tendons. The system is compatible with all current brick brands, and could revolutionise what you can do with your child's LEGO pieces that may be collecting dust.

Flexible components can add a new level to construction abilities including hinges on doors, a bow and arrow, balls, medieval or jungle-adventure swing bridges, train tracks, catapults, car hydraulics and even wearable brick-bling.  

Take a look at Flexo in action to give you a sense of the new universe of construction possibility. 

The idea for the product came to Mark Stolten, New Zealand engineer and inventor of Flexo, while we was at a physio clinic marvelling at the tendons and muscles of the human body. Stolten realised that flexibility could make toy products more dynamic and enhance the much loved LEGO experience.

But what does LEGO think of the Flexo concept?

According to Brickset, the Flexo team has signed a number of Non-disclosure Agreements, agreeing not to reveal any confidential information they shared during their meeting with the senior directors of LEGO at their headquarters in Billund, Denmark (also home to LEGOLAND).


Although the prospective Kiwi team presented their patented concepts to LEGO, they have not been successful. Nonetheless, Flexo has taken to Kickstarter and Indiegogo to raise funds for their flexible and enduring campaign.

LEGO fans (mostly AFOLs: Adult Fans of Lego - Yes, this is a real acronym that LEGO fans use online) have taken to the web to voice their opinions. On Brickset Your Legoset guide, users commented: "I'm afraid if it's not real Lego I'm not interested" and "If it's not LEGO, it's a no from me."

Nonetheless, the Kickstarter campaign launched in September 2016 and has successfully raised $295,138 NZD as of this month with 4, 034 backers helping bring the project to life.

Mass production is proposed to begin in November 2016 with shipping estimated for January 2017. A perfect way for children to spend their newly acquired Christmas money.

Pricing is ranging from $5 USD for a Flexo Key Ring set to build your very own bendable key ring, to $473 USD for the Flexo Ultimate Pack featuring 2000x Flexo Bricks and 6000x Flexo Tendons. Parents will be pleased to know the pack includes 2X Storage Boxes.  

At this stage there is no word on Australian pricing, but we are hopeful the technology will bend this way shortly. 

So you better prepare yourself to bounce, twist, bend, wrap and wear!