Girl, 6, sneakily places a $450 toy order from Amazon

Photo: princess ria/twitter
Photo: princess ria/twitter 

Kids, give them an inch and they'll take a mile. In the case of six-year old Katelyn Lunt, it was a very expensive mile.

When Katelyn's mother Catherine said she could buy a Barbie as a gift for chores the girl had done around the house, the first-grader took it upon herself to load up the order with many more Barbies, accessories and a toy pony, totalling around AUD $450.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Catherine said she was initially clueless about the extent her daughter's online shopping spree.

Catherine said she had allowed Katelyn on her phone to check the shipping status of the order and it was then that the mischeivous kid seized the day, ordering her mega-haul.

Catherine later checked on her order and saw some of the extra items. She managed to cancel some of them, but two pages of items had already shipped, arriving the next day to a very self-satisfied young girl.

"Our family came home and the truck pulls up and all of these boxes are being pulled out of the truck," she said.

Her cousin took to Twitter, where the photo quickly gained traction.

Rather than return the items, Catherine says she used the incident as a 'teachable moment,' donating the goods to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Katelyn spent a week as a baby.


We hope ths is the  end of Katelyn's life of crime, though she's far from alone in the scamming department.

Another lady commented that her son ordered a US$400 jumping castle and a doona so he could sleep on it.