Girl's 'creepy' hobby has internet saying 'future doctor'

A little girl's 'creepy' obsession has gone viral.
A little girl's 'creepy' obsession has gone viral. Photo: shutterstock

A little girl's strange obsession with transplanting faces from one toy to another has the internet convinced they're witnessing the work of a future surgeon.

Twitter user Katelynn posted a picture of her younger sister's "obsession", which has since been shared over 30,000 times.

Many people were horrified:


If you're wondering if this sounds familiar, well, you're not the only one: it's reminiscent of Sid from Toy Story

Others made comparisons to Dwight from The Office

Katelynn left a later comment reassuring tweeters that her sister isn't a psychopath-in-training.

"Don't worry guys my sister is not a serial killer she just likes to play doctor," she wrote. Specifically, you guessed it, a plastic surgeon. 

We're pretty confident she's going to do exactly that.