Goodbye Woolworths Ooshies, hello Discovery Garden

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In a move that will see a lot of parents and kids relieved there's not yet another supermarket promotion involving plastic toys, Woolworths has announced its Woolworths Discovery Garden promotion for September.

The supermarket will be giving away free plant collectables next month, in a promotion Woolworths says is 'designed to give Australians of all ages the opportunity to grow their very own fresh food'. 

It's a move away from the controversial Lion King Ooshies promotion which has sparked concerns among environmentally-conscious parents and kids, who would like to see disposable plastics banished from the popular supermarket promotion circuit.

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Photo: Supplied

A Woolworths spokesperson said that "Woolworths Discovery Garden is based on the internationally successful 'Little Garden' which has previously been rolled out in countries such as New Zealand and South Africa".

Exact details of the products available will be revealed in the lead up to the promotion, but from the promo photo there looks to be gardening accessories in addition to the plants.

We'll just have to wait and see!

One thing's for sure, people are a lot happier about this promotion as a great way to teach children about the benefits of growing food for sustainability.

Instagram users have taken to the platform to express their support.

"Finally, a large retail chain making a difference with their eco-friendly promotional carbon footprint", writes one poster.

Another isn't completely sold.

"It's about time the supermarkets are doing something for the environment. But why do we have to spend to get them! It should be free with each shop. Promoting environment wellness should be everyone's goal."