Great news! There's a new way to complete your Marvel disc collection

You can now order the Marvel dics missing from your kids' collections.
You can now order the Marvel dics missing from your kids' collections. Photo: Facebook

Remember when desperate parents were flocking to eBay to complete their kids' Marvel disc sets, in search of those elusive "rares"?.

Well Woolworths has just made it a whole lot easier for kids to finish their collections, and it doesn't involve spending more money on milk and bread or paying $300 for a piece of plastic.

You can now place an order for Hulk, Iron Man, the highly sought after number six (Kid Arachnid) or whichever disc your kids have been unable to track down, free of charge, until 6 July.

"Our Marvel Heroes Super Discs were more popular than expected and we understand that some families missed out on completing their collection," Woolworths shared in a post to  Facebook on Tuesday.
"So, we've been working hard to get more discs and the good news is you now have the chance to order the ones you need."

You can only order ten discs however, and you can't order more than two of the same. 

Nevertheless, parents are overwhelmingly grateful.

"Thanks Woolies! We only needed the 2 elusive discs (Ultron and hulk) but the 3 year old couldn't understand why we couldn't just get them!!" wrote one thankful mum.

"Great to see Woolworths to give back to the public. That will keep me and others to keep shopping with you. My two grandsons needed three more to finish a set each well done," added a happy grandpa.

And no doubt, there'll be lots of happy little ones when the mail arrives, too.