How to make DIY slime - with nappies

Watch these girls make nappy slime.
Watch these girls make nappy slime. Photo: YouTube

If you're the parent of tweens or teens, chances are you're familiar with the DIY slime craze currently sweeping the globe. While there are many weird and wonderful variations available to little slimers, Annelise and Julia, the eight-year-old twins behind the YouTube channel, Crafty Girls, have one of the most unique "recipes" we've seen thus far.

Their main ingredient is nappies - more specifically, their inside lining, where the magic "crystals" lie.

In more technical terms, the "crystals" are actually Sodium polyacrylate, also known as Waterlock, which can hold more than 300 times its weight in water. (If you've ever accidentally put a nappy in the wash, you'll know just how absorbent this stuff is.)

To make nappy slime, along with a couple of nappies, you'll also need:

  • White PVC glue 
  • Baking soda
  • Saline eye drops that contain sodium borate or boric acid
  • Water 
  • Food colouring

Take a look at the video demonstration below. Full disclosure: I'm no slime connoisseur, but this version looks pretty impressive.

 And don't forget to practice safe sliming, particularly if you're using borax

If you prefer your fads combined, it turns out the girls also have a video on how to make slime fidget-spinners, too. You are welcome.

What a time to be alive.