How to make edible Lego gummy bricks

Make your own: Edible Lego.
Make your own: Edible Lego. Photo: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"/YouTube

Make your toys and eat them too.

At least, that's what Grant Thompson, the man behind the 'King Of Random' YouTube channel, is clearly an adovate of. 

Thompson shows you how to make your own edible, stackable, gummy Lego bricks in his video.

"I'm going to take a few simple ingredients and show you how to make mountains and mountains of your own custom gummy candies at home," says Thompson in the video.

All you need is some unflavoured gelatine, a box of jelly, corn syrup, cold water and candy molds.

Once you've finished playing with your food, store your custom lollies in a container in the fridge. Thompson says they should stay good for about a month, that is, if you haven't eaten them all before then.

As well as stackable Lego bricks, Thompson experiments with other shapes, and ingredients, like vitamin C. Adding vitamin C gives them a sour taste, "making them all the more delicious," he says.

Thompson made his own Lego mold (instructions here) but any kind will do.

Watch the tutorial above.