If you think the Hatchimal craze is over, think again

Colleggtibles - the newest must-have toys set for release in May.
Colleggtibles - the newest must-have toys set for release in May. Photo: Instagram.

Hatchimals were the must-have, hot ticket item of Christmas 2016 - if you could get your hands on one, of course. Now, there's yet another Hatchimal toy for your kids to pester you about: CollEGGtibles.

Like the first generation fluffy creatures, which were rare as hens' teeth, these little guys also comes in eggs - but tiny ones this time.

To hatch, simply hold the egg, rub the heart and wait for it to change from purple to pink: hatching time. Press the heart, crack the egg and voilà - behold your Hatchimal Colleggtible

Designed for ages five and up, there are 70 of the brightly coloured, glittery-winged, colleggtibles from Season One (which suggests we'd better prepare ourselves for a Season Two).

The toys are set for release on 1 May - and are available for pre-order on Amazon (although sadly they don't ship to Australia). Pre-order stock has already sold out on the official website, too.

While we're not sure when they'll hit shops here in Australia (Spin Master are currently working with Australian retailers on distribution dates) given the popularity of the original Hatchimals last year, there's no doubt you'll have to get in quickly.

Until then, you can watch an early review of the product from the pair behind the successful YouTube channel The Gracie and Mommy Show.